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The Ten “Must Buy”Accesories for the iPhone 5S

Updated on August 3, 2014

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s top of the line offering for cellphones, but there are so many accessories available for it, it can be difficult to make a decision. From removable wide-angle lenses to get that Instagram photo just right to super powerful backup batteries and everything in between, the average iPhone 5S user is spoiled for choice. Here we’ve picked ten of the very best accessory options to help speed the process a little.

Blueant Bluetooth Embrace Headphones, Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

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Blueant Bluetooth Embrace Headphones

Blueant Bluetooth Embrace Headphones, Perfect for an Active Lifestyle ($199.99)

Perfect for jogging or rigorous exercise, these headphones plug in using the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone. There is no cord to get in the way when lifting weights or running. They’re also noise canceling, so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by outside sounds. Good headphones are worth the investment, and these, which normally retail for $199.99, are a bargain at $164.99 on the UrMobile shop.

OtterBox Defender Case for Those People with Butterfingers

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OtterBox Defender Case

There are no finer cases available for the iPhone than the OtterBox. If you drop your phone daily like I do, these things are a godsend. The Defender is the best of the best, and OtterBox sells it in dozens of colors to fit your whims and mood. With an added bonus, it comes in frustration free packaging for easy access to your new case. What’s not to love? The price is a bit high for a case ($49.99), but you get what you pay for with OtterBox.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Those Who Need Their Glass Crystal Clear

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand having fingerprints and smudges all over your iPhone screen. These cloths are perfect for you, then! They’re microfiber, so they’re easy to use; you just run it over your phone screen and voila! No more smudges or prints. They can also be used on your iPad, Kindle, or even just your laptop or desktop screen. For the price point ($19.99), you get six cloths of varying sizes and colors. You can’t beat that price for what you get, and your iPhone will be the bell of the ball after just one use!

Waterproof Dirtproof Shockproof Snowproof Everything Proof Case

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Waterproof Dirtproof Shockproof Snowproof

I have a lot of friends who have dropped their phones into the toilet or bathtub, some even more than once. This case has saved their lives on the regular thanks to how sturdy and airtight it is. Not only is it waterproof, but shock proof and snowproof as well. No more worrying about taking the phone snowboarding or skiing! This case is also ridiculously light in spite of the protection it offers; it hardly feels like there’s a case on the phone at all! It survives up to 13 feet deep in water and drops from the same height. If the OtterBox isn’t enough for you, then this case is definitely the purchase you should make.

Spigen 5 Foot Lightning to USB Cord

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5. Spigen 5 Foot Lightning to USB Cord

The standard Apple cords are nice and all, but sometimes they wear out or don’t reach long enough for your needs. That’s where this Spigen cord comes in; at 5 feet, it’s 40% longer than the cable that comes with your iPhone, making phone use easier when you need to get that battery charged. The normal iPhone cables are sometimes not resilient, but that’s not an issue with this cord. It’s been made slightly thicker to be more durable, and the coating is of a higher grade than the standard Apple cord. At $34.99, it may seem a bit pricey, but for the quality and length, you can’t go wrong.

iKross 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds with Microphone

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iKross 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds with Microphone

Most people stick with the earbuds Apple offers with their iPhone, and sure, they’re decent enough. But for a backup pair, you can’t go wrong with these earbuds by iKross. Not only do they have a microphone for easy use with apps such as Skype, they’re some of the most comfortable earbuds on the market. The mic and earbuds themselves are also noise reducing, so you don’t have to worry about background interference during use. And for the price point ($24.99), you can’t beat the quality of sound.

VicTsing Lenses for iPhone 5S Camera Including Macro and Fisheye

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VicTsing Lenses

These magnetic detachable lenses for your phone camera are perfect for the Instagramconnoisseur. There’s three options for all of your photography needs: a wide angle lens for panoramic shots, a macro lens for close ups of things like flowers and details on your cupcakes, and a fisheye lens for fun perspective distortion effects. As stated, they attach to your iPhone camera via small magnets, so you don’t have to worry about juggling it while trying to take the perfect photo. The set of three for only $19.99 is a lot more reasonable than some lenses, which can be upwards of $79.00 just for one.

Tronix Bluetooth Speaker Set

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Tronix Bluetooth Speaker Set

Working with Bluetooth or with a wire, this speaker is perfect for the sound guru. Not only does this sound bar play from an iPhone 5S, but it also has a microphone for recording. Its battery life is quite good and it’s easy to recharge. Its size also makes it easily portable; at 8.5 inches by 3 inches by 1.5 inches, it fits easily into a medium sized handbag or backpack for the person on the go. For a good speaker, you’re usually looking at a price point of multiple hundreds, but this clocks in at $100 exactly and is often on sale. It’s definitely a hot ticket item to add to your iPhone arsenal.

Techxar TX5 3-in-1 Photo Video Light, Perfect for Late at Night Selfies

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Techxar TX5 3-in-1 Photo Video Light

Trying to take a picture such as a selfie or to Tweet your dinner in a dark restaurant seldom ends well for the taker. That’s where Techxar comes in with their LED light for the iPhone 5S. It works on both the front FaceTime camera and the standard back camera lens, giving better light to pictures taken after dark. Not only does it add illumination to your photos, but it helps charge your phone at the same time! This light is perfect for the amateur iPhone photog, and at $79.00, the price is definitely affordable with how much use it gets.

Jackery Bar Premium for When You Need Juice On the Go

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Jackery Bar Premium

It happens to everyone; you’re on the go, still have hours before you get home, and your battery push notification pops up while you’re Googling directions to the next spot or Yelping your review of dinner. The Jackery Bar Premium is not only the most lightweight backup battery of its class, it adds 22 hours of talk time to your iPhone 5S. That’s 2-3 more full charges! Offered right now at a deep discount on Amazon, ($29.95 from $89.95), you can’t afford to –not- buy this!


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