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The Thing Need Avoid When Advertising On Social Networks

Updated on May 4, 2016

In other words, if a decade ago with the advent of Web 2.0, the business owns a website is inevitable, now, the brand of the business activity on social media sites is it is imperative to reach a volume of potential customers enormous. However, with only a very small omissions, businesses can destroy brand quickly. To be able to take full advantage of the benefits of social networking, make sure that businesses avoid the following errors.

1. Introduce a wrong image about your business:
The main reason for business presence on social networking sites is to share their voice with the outside world. So, how to complete the mission now that if you go to other businesses to outsource a job done to help manage their accounts? Even worse, if the account manager and not a high expertise in the field of social media is still new capital? Capable of a lot worse things will happen, make viewers not fully understanding or misunderstanding about the business to read poor quality content is posted. However, does not mean that businesses should not use outsourcing. In contrast, look for a reputable organization or a highly qualified individual to perform the same job now manage social networking accounts.

2. Being hacked (stolen):
Safety issues and information security is always the main concern for all who use the social network. According to security firm Trustwave network, every year hundreds of thousands of stolen Facebook accounts. Consequences of stolen account will cause business activity stalled and lost the trust of followers. To avoid the consequences that occur, to ensure that network management issues always be considered carefully and, if necessary, establish internal policies for managing social networks for marketing activities of the business.

3. Sharing too much personal information:
Reveal the personality of a brand is essential since they will help businesses become more memorable and stand out from the crowd, while helping followers understand more about the individuals behind brand . However, do not express too much personal information on social networks. Engage in negative comments or share sensitive topics such as politics, religion can be a bad influence to the brand of the business and create offensive to viewers.

4. Do not create original content:
If businesses want to create a personal image of the enterprise as a leading expert in his field and associated activities more with viewers, do not try to imitate others. That does not mean that it is impossible to share pictures, video clips and other people's posts that businesses should create original content to the right audience helps suck his target audience.

5. Abuse sign hashtag (#):
Obviously the # symbol is used very widely, and a study published in the recent Forbes showed the pictures attached hashtag symbol gain more "Likes" than the pictures do not use this notation. However, be careful, probably more harm. For example, McDonald's once spectacular failure when calling consumers share #McDStories. By the results obtained are countless stories narrated horrible, negative experience between them and this restaurant chain rather interesting experiences with friends and warm, family while enjoying McDonald's. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid consequences that are clearly defined and the hashtag symbol to the right direction when calling customers to share.

6. Using too many media platforms social network:
Share ideas in multiple platforms of different social networks is an idea, but not necessarily now present everywhere. For example, a new lawyer should now appear on LinkedIn, but not necessarily to promote on Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram. Please conduct some research to find out where is the place of business customers are and the main focus was on the platform.

7. Update information overload:
Share content in a regular cycle being absolutely should do, but do not overdo, because that would make viewers become bored before too much information line from now.


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