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The Top 3 Portable Chargers and Backup Power Devices for Your Phones, Tablets and Tech Toys!

Updated on September 9, 2015

The Need for Power

Ever since the dawn of the technology age, batteries have not been able to keep up with the demands put on devices that continually get smaller, thinner, more powerful and drain power more quickly. Using my iPhone 6 for business, I am constantly placing it on the charging dock or plugging it in to a wall socket in order to try to squeeze another 4 or 5 percent of battery life out of it. If left uncharged, my phone would be useless by 1 pm. So what is the solution for this issue? Petition the manufacturers to increase battery power? Carry a second phone for use when the first one dies? Invent a built-in charger that can be activated by the friction of rubbing your hands together? No. Rather than worry about whether or not a wall outlet is nearby, or if I have my car charger with me, I simply take a portable battery charger with me. By having a portable device that can charge my device over and over, I no longer have to worry about my phone running out in the middle of a conversation, halfway through composing an important email or, worst of all, during the watching of a movie on a long flight when the screaming baby next to you just won't seem to go to sleep. The portable charger has become as necessary as my wallet when leaving the house. Just as you wouldn't leave the house without clothes on (well, some of you might), you shouldn't leave the house without your backup charger. Each of the following devices has it's own unique specifications, read on and see which one suits you best.

For Heavy Users or Road Warriors

The RAVPower 13000mAh Portable Charger is a cost effective way to charge up to two devices simultaneously. And with a 13000mAh capacity, this compact charging device can charge my iPhone 6 almost 5 times before the RAVPower needs recharged. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, you can recharge it at least 3 times. It has a built-in flashlight in case you drop your peanuts under the seat in front of you on a long, dark, transatlantic flight. With iSmart Technology, each device that is connected is automatically detected and the optimal charging current is utilized for it. The 4.5A output is the highest on the market which makes it the fastest, most powerful charger on the market. For, under $30, this charger is hard to beat!


For When Charging Your Phone Just Isn't Enough!

Is there a worse feeling than returning your vehicle, loading in the kids and groceries and finding out that your battery is dead and you aren't going anywhere? Do you call roadside assistance and wait 45 minutes for someone to come and help you or do you take your chances with the overly helpful, slightly creepy fellow parked next to you? There is a third option - use the Cyntur JumperPack Jumpstarter! I know, you came here for phone chargers. Don't worry, it does that too! Not only with this start a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder vehicle, it also has a 2.1A USB port so you can charge your phone or little Susies iPad so she can keep watching Dora the Explorer on the way to Grandma's house and you can arrive with your sanity. It also has a built-in flashlight that can also function as an emergency strobe light just in case. It is small enough to fit in your glove compartment and once charged, will hold that charge for one year! This would make a great gift for a young driver, a wife, mother or anyone who drives!


For the Frugal Techie

Sometimes, you want the security of an extra on-the-go charge, but perhaps money doesn't allow for a top of the line backup charger. Anker has you covered. Well, you and over 10,000,000 customers (according to Anker)! This small (think lipstick size) yet powerful portable charger is the #1 seller on Amazon. This charger uses PowerIQ Technology (similar to iSmart Technology) to make sure it is charging your device at the fastest possible speed. It will charge your iPhone and give you an additional 14 hours of talktime, or on a Samsung phone, almost one complete charge! it comes with a travel pouch, so just toss it in your purse or center console and have some extra juice available when you need it.


Which one is right for you?

RAVPower 13000mAh
Multi-device charging, huge capacity
Cyntur JumperPack
Vehicle Jumper, Portable Device Charger
Anker Astro Mini
Compact, Inexpensive

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    • Schaffi Balag profile imageAUTHOR

      Schaffi Balag 

      3 years ago

      Thanks ronny2005, I appreciate that!

    • ronny2005 profile image


      3 years ago from HubPages

      nice and very informative hub.

    • Schaffi Balag profile imageAUTHOR

      Schaffi Balag 

      3 years ago

      Thank you, and thanks for checking it out!

    • loche profile image

      anshuman katoch 

      3 years ago from shimla

      great hub


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