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The Top Must Have iPhone Applications of 2009

Updated on June 19, 2009

An ever increasing array of applications is available for your iPhone - who knows, some of them may just change your life for the better!

"Ingenious, amazing, astounding and simply incredible" - these are how some of the new applications for the iPhone have been described by their various reviewers. For me, the iPhone has become an indispensable 'Swiss Army Knife' of pocket technology; a physical companion that links me to my physical and virtual networks in moments and yet remains an ever expanding collaboration of ideas.

My small list of the best on offer is very much 'mine'; that is to say it's just a personal synopsis (a self-capsule if you will). Having said that, take them for a test run and try them on for size.  After all, most are free and the rest are peanuts and, who knows, as the subtitle says, they may just change your life for the better!

Shazam - pure genius

You know the situation! You hear a song that you haven't heard in years (oohhhhhh - what is it?) Easy; just activate Shazam and it'll give you the name of the artist and the title of the track. Brilliant! Likewise, you may hear a piece of music on the radio, or out in a restaurant, that tickles your fancy. Again, Shazam comes to the rescue. Don't ask me how it does what it does, but it does it brilliantly and whatsmore, it's FREE!

Use your iPhone as a Remote!

It's a great, free, fun app that really works!  Just download 'Remote' from the app store and you can not only mange the music on your computer, but also your Apple TV; directly from your iPhone.  This includes being able to play, pause, skip or shuffle tracks or movies. Whatsmore you can see all of your information on your iphone so you're fully in control of all the entertainment that you love.

Duo - Your Twitter and Facebook iPhone Pal

It's new but I already love it!  Described by it's developers, Blackout Labs, as being  "the fast, easy way to update your Twitter and Facebook status on the iPhone."  This app really lives up to its promises and, again, it's completely free.   Even if you use only Facebook or only Twitter, Duo is still a great way to update your favorite social network, boasting the shortest possible load time which means you can  update your Facebook and Twitter in as little as a single click each.  Good stuff!


Make someone's day really special with Postman.  I love the simplicity of this application and the ease in which it creates beautiful greetings for friends and families, that can be emailed or posted on an increasing variety of social networking sites.  It only costs around $1to purchase from the app store,  so it's cheaper than a conventional card and you can congratulate yourself with the thought that you've not only sent something beautiful and very personal, but have also helped to save the rainforest in the process.

Deep Relaxation

With stress seemingly becoming everyone's 'middle name' these days, I can highly recommend the virtues of this application. I have always found it difficult to slow down and relax, especially when I am on a new writing mission - whether screenplay or article based but this one really helped get my calm quota back on track. Having studied psychology, I can also appreciate the benefits of this application for those suffering from insomnia, stress related disorders and for those in physical pain, for whom tension is often an elevator of discomfort. I have tried it and it works! A great application for all and amazing value at under $3. It's like having a personal relaxation therapist without the bill!

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