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The Use of Mobile Charge Capture in the Medical Field

Updated on May 6, 2014

There's An App For That!

In today’s society, there is always a push for quicker, faster, and more profitable. The medical field has not escaped this push and has created mobile charge apps to be used my medical personal in the field. These apps are not referring to but rather an app to expedite the billing process used by doctors. The creation of these apps is not a phenomenon themselves but rather a tool to help physicians deal with the newest change in the medical world, namely the transition from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes.

A Helping Hand

Doctors and surgeons use a system of codes in order to bill their patient’s insurance companies. On October 1, 2015, all medical companies will switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes. In laymen’s terms, billers must now learn a new set of more complex codes in order to properly bill their patients and bring in revenue. The production of mobile charge apps has increased the productivity of these doctors and surgeons. One may wonder how an app is affecting the medical field, a field that has grown and developed since the dawn of time when caveman first burned himself learning the properties of fire. The coding transition is expected to take the medical industry by storm because of the new code’s complex format.

Background Information on the Codes

ICD-10 codes use a combination of numbers and letters in a three to seven code as opposed to its predecessor which used numbers only in a three to five combination. This huge change will create a learning curve for even the most prepared medical staff. The mobile charge captures have been created for doctors who treat patients outside of their hospital, in order to keep them organized.

Mobile Charge Capture Could Keep the Doors Open

When a doctor is in office, he is supported by a trained medical staff that has spent countless hours learning the new codes and is able to assist in any medical coding, but when a doctor is out of his element, he can be overwhelmed and not take down the necessary information in the correct format. This lack of organization will cause a delay in billing and a subsequent delay in an income of revenue. Not an easy problem to fix when the equipment within a doctor’s office does not come cheap. The mobile apps help doctors increase their productivity and shorten the amount of time spent on billing and coding in order for them to be able to treat more patients and create more revenue.

The Captures Contribution with the New Transition

Mobile charge capture is taking it one step further when instituting the new ICD-10 transition. Other mobile billing apps are planning to manually convert every code in their original system, which would be like going through every word in a book and changing the words “the”, “a”, and “it” to other words. It’s practically impossible. Mobile charge capture will take a huge portion of the code conversion, and complete it automatically with just one click. This will help any medical staff deal with the code conversion without converting from sanity to insanity.

In a world pushing for bigger, better and faster, mobile charge capture is right at the start of the pack.

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