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The World's first 3D Smartphone - Sharp Galapagos - Set to Launch in Japan

Updated on July 2, 2011

Smartphones are all the rage these days. More and more companies are joining the party and competing in the hopes of cashing in on the ever increasing demand. But with so many companies, competition is fierce and some are looking for ways to distinguish themselves form the rest. What better way then to take advantage of another huge trend these days, 3D technology. Enter the Sharp Galapagos. It will be the first commercially available smartphone with a 3D display and it will be launching as early as December 2010 on the Japanese carrier Softbank. 

3D on a smartphone?

Yep that's right. 3D on a smartphone. And no glasses required. All the major electronics makers have been toiling away on developing 3D technology that does not require glasses to get the effect. Sharp however has beaten everyone to the market with the Galapagos 3D smartphone.

Hands On

I got a chance last week to check out a demo version of the Sharp Galapogos here in Japan. It was awesome! Just the right size. It fit in my hand like a glove. The controls were snappy and just what you would expect with a smart phone running google's Android 2.2 operating system also known as Froyo.

Of course, the coolest feature was the 3D. The way it was implemented on the Galapagos is fantastic. Basically the phone has 2 displays overlapping each other. Underneath is the 3D display and on top is another display. I'm not sure exactly how this technology works but the net effect is that you can be scrolling through apps and still have a 3D image or movie playing in the background. I only got to play with the demo phone for about 10 minutes but it was definitely intriguing.

Other Features

2 versions of the Phone exist. Both have full touchscreen panels with 3D. But one version also has a slide out landscape keyboard for those who don't like messing with touchscreen typing controls. 

Also sharp has managed to negotiate with Capcom to bring a whole sweet of exclusive games to the phone upon it's launch including such titles as Bio hazard, and Mega man. 

Basic Specs for the 003SH Galapagos 3D Smarphone:

  • 1ghz, snapdragon CPU
  • 400 megabytes of internal memory
  • supports 32 gigabyte Micro SD 
  • 9.6 megapixel camera
  • GPS
  • WiFi

The other version of the Galapagos known as the 005SH has similar specs but feautures:

  • Slightly more memory - 512 megabytes
  • A slide out keyboard
  • A 4 way directional input pad


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