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The Xfinity Mobile Experiment

Updated on September 25, 2018
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I work in the medical imaging field, but I've also always had a passion for saving money and finance throughout my life.

Make the switch now!

Switch now from your current cell phone carrier to Xfinity Mobile and you will not regret. You will never look back and you will save tons of money.

Make the switch to Xfinity Mobile Now!

You will very likely save over $100 on your monthly cell phone bill by making this switch. This is by far the best deal you will find anywhere.

Our cell phone carrier history and experience

I'm sure like most other people you've tried a few different cell phone carriers out there. There is a long list of budget cell phone carriers out there, which probably work fine if you stay near metro areas or larger cities. I've never tried these other ones such as Cricket Wireless or Boost Mobile. There are just lots of options for people to save money on their cell phones and service.

You can buy lots of used and good condition phones from people on the internet, so it seems silly to be buying brand new phones for full price. Both my wife and I have never purchased a brand new phone besides our very first smart phones back in 2010 that were cheap. Ever since having an Apple IPhone we've always bought them used from people on the internet (Facebook groups or Craigslist). Why get locked in to a contract just to get a brand new phone or buy one on a payment plan where you end up paying more than the phone costs in the end. (Similar to buying something with interest).

As far as services, we've personally had Sprint many years ago and the service was terrible. No phone service in areas we frequently visited. Dropped calls/reception along major highways.

We then switched to Verizon on a family plan with the In-Laws. This was a great option, because we could share the cost of the 2GB of data we had with the plan. We only had to pay $65 per month for our two smart phones to be on the plan and the $65 included the splitting of the data cost between 4 total people and splitting the cost of taxes & fees.

We decided to make the switch ourselves.

My wife recently came across a posting on Facebook where a women mentioned her and her husband paid $12 per month with Xfinity Mobile and they share 1GB of data.

This got our attention, so we looked into it. My wife and I rarely need to use data since we're usually somewhere with Wifi available and for the times there isn't, the 1 GB of data would be plenty.

*You do have to be a Comcast Internet customer to be able sign up for a plan, which we are. If Comcast internet isn't available in your area then you may want to see if a family member has their internet service and join their plan. You can have up to 5 phone lines on your account.

The cost break down as we were told is straight up $2.50 per line in tax/fees per month. That makes it $5 for the two of us. Free unlimited talk and text. If we both combined don't use at least 100 MB of data ( that is 0.1 GB) then we don't pay for any data charges and our auto-pay bill would just be $5 for the month. If we do go over 0.1GB of data used then we pay and additional $12, so the monthly total would be $17. I'm not sure why so many people out there think they have to stick with the big names that charge you an arm and a leg for their cell service. Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon cell towers as they are in business with Verizon. Theoretically, the service/reception shouldn't be any different from what we had on our Verizon plan, because Xfinity uses Verizon's network equipment.

February 17, 2018: Our experiment began. We officially switched from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile on this day.

As of the end of February, we've not had any issues with talking or texting anywhere we've been in the Twin Cities area. The true test will be when we go further north in more rural Minnesota areas to see if we get the same reception we did with Verizon. We've heard testimonies from others that they had good reception in rural Wisconsin so we are optimistic about this.

Our Xfinity Mobile Experiment Continued

March 16, 2018: We just had our first billing cycle come to an end and it was all completely true as we were told at the Xfinity store. Our bill was $17 total for 2 smart phones with unlimited talk and text and shared 1GB of data. My wife went over the 100MB that they give us free so we paid $12 for the 1GB of data and $5 in total taxes/fees ($2.50 per line).

April 3, 2018: We just returned from a more rural Minnesota area where we frequent. This area is roughly 1 hour East of Fargo. We tested it at the home of my wife's grandma and had the exact amount of reception as my father-in-law who is still on his Verizon plan. We then went to where there are no large towns, lots of farm land and some woods and still had the exact same reception in this area that we had previously with Verizon.

* Its official. We are sticking with Xfinity Mobile permanently. The in-laws are now going to cancel their Verizon plan and join on our Xfinity account as soon as possible. This will save them probably somewhere around $110 per month if not more.

September 25, 2018: We now have had 5 people (the maximum) on our plan from April to present day. In all of this time, we've not had a bill higher than $36.50. That is for 5 people! Break that down and it is only $7.30 per person. It was only that high because we had gone over 1GB of data used. Our lowest bill has been $24.50 when we've stayed under 1GB of data used. I highly recommend anyone who has this as an option to give it a try. You won't look back.


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