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How to reset Windows password

Updated on June 19, 2013

Password protection of your computers is a mandatory requirement nowadays. Maybe about 10 years ago we did not concern much about the password s and the security of our personal computers because we didn’t have much of our valuable information in it. But today the situation is entirely different. Now everything is web based from finding a recipe to buying a computer. So most of our valuable information are in the computer including our credit card and bank information etc. So loosing access to the computer mean the stop of life for most of us. So it is important to be aware of the methods available to recover the windows password. When resetting a password, one’s top priority is security and safety of the data inside the computer. Following are the best methods in doing that where you can be 100% sure that your computer is safe and so as the data within.

1. Recovering the Windows password using a tool

There are tools for doing this ie recovering/resetting Windows password.This is the best method to adopt to reset a lost Windows password because it is 100% sure and it won’t damage any data in the computer. Also there are very easy 3 steps to follow in this process which can be followed by anybody who is using a computer. The steps are you have to follow are

  • Download the files to any available computer. You don’t need the files available in the very computer (which we can not access!
  • In the downloaded software there is an option to create a Windows bootable CD or USB. Create a Windows bootable CD or USB using that feature
  • Insert that bootable CD/USB to the computer where password needs to be reset and switch on the computer. In less than 1 minute the computer should startup without prompting for your Windows password. The Windows password recovery tool has reset you Windows password! Now you can create a new Windows password for your computer by following the normal routine. It is that easy!

The major advantages of this method are it works for all the Windows platforms such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. And it works an all situation, not dependant on brand hardware etc. Most importantly, it won’t open any backdoors to gain access to your computer to steal the data in your computer or monitor it. It is developed by a reputed company and you can trust them. A very decent customer support service also available.

Reinstall Windows

Another 100% secure and reliable method is to reinstall Windows, although it has it’s own drawbacks. One drawback is it is time consuming, sometimes it takes more than an hour for the reinstallation process. Also you need to have the Windows CD with you, which I know is lost by many Windows users. Another thing is you need to have a reasonable level of knowledge to do this. Not everybody can reinstall Windows.

If you opt to take this action you have to be very cautious not to format your hard disk which will erase all the data available in the hard disk. If you do that there is no turning back and you will loose all your data. So you have to keep in mind that you have to reinstall Windows without formatting the hard disk. Therefore this method is not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing.

Using another administrator account

This is a method you can use in very limited situations. You need to have another administrator account to access the computer, so that you can use that account to reset or change your Windows password. Typically this approach can be used in computers in office where multiple people share the same computer.


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