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The best iPad apps: where to get them

Updated on June 22, 2012

Can you imagine having to use your computer without an internet browser or a word editor? Even if you had an ultra powerful computer you would still find it absolutely useless. Applications are essential to using an IT device at its full potential.

The same goes for top apps for iPad. Of course you will have your basic iPad apps already provided to you when you buy your iPad so you do not have to worry about not being able to use your device at all. But you most certainly want the best iPad apps that are around. Getting them will really help you get the most from your marvelous device. You will find both free iPad apps and paid iPad apps. Of course the best iPad apps will probably be the ones that are shareware. The great thing about iPad shareware apps is that they are much cheaper than the applications for your PC. You will actually be able to easily afford them.

You can find dozens of types of iPad apps. Do you want to have some fun? Then look for games. There are many games for iPad, from simple graphic games to complex games. Choose whichever you think you will like the most: anything from Chess to Need for Speed on iPad. Maybe you have always dreamed of becoming a Formula 1 pilot. Even if you did not manage to actually become one now you can enter the cockpit of a Formula 1 car from your iPad.

Do you like educational stuff? You will find many interesting applications for your iPad if it is so. For example we found an application called The Elements which lets you find out everything about each of the chemical elements. If you always want to be informed you will love the application that lets you read The Wall Street journal daily.

Are you unable to stop chatting even if you are not anywhere near your desktop or laptop computer? There is an application for the iPad that will let you chat on whatever messenger you use and it is called IM+. Be sure you get it.

There are over 150000 iPad apps waiting to be discovered by you according to the Apple official site. Will you start looking for the best iPad apps for yourself? We hope you will also get lucky and find them. Good luck!


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