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The best image processing software in the world

Updated on January 4, 2015

1. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Considered as the "witch" in the field of graphic image manipulation, Photoshop always on the top number of professional features ever. CS5 version is a breakthrough in improving the interface and features more user friendly tools for the image graphics processing.
You can easily remove more with these new features:

Content-Aware Fill, position adjustment of the characters in the image with the Puppet Warp simple, online connection to the community through the use of Photoshop CS Live, treatment a digital photo into a painting quickly with Mixer art Brush and a range of professional 3D design tools.

2. Gimp 2.6.11

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the software that user community and many magazines around the world considered as photo editing software free best. Gimp provides the features and tasks in accordance with all the objects from amateur to professional, edit or convert a time series of images, compatible with powerful plug-in by the graphics software, create animations and effects with just a few easy steps is the strength of the Gimp.


3. Paint.NET 3.5.8

Is considered the combination of Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET offers an intuitive user interface for amateur users with four groups of instruments located in four corners of the program. Using the Aero interface of Windows 7 should Paint.Net version 3.5.8 looks very nice and bright, the image processing features based on Layer, History intelligent system for back to previous steps operations, also can open the psd file format and many other interesting features that you should test.

4. Photoscape 3.5

Is such that people can turn a photo editing amateurs become professionals, Photoscape is a free photo editing software that is the most popular today. Layout quite aesthetic features, the ability to edit photos as well as mass file renaming smart, make a collage frame, or as often as creating pages in the various options, screen capture, quickly split images...makes Photoscape strength.

5. Picasa 3.8

Picasa is a free software management, editing and sharing photos online. It was developed by the "giant" Google. Integration of features in the menu right along the interface is very elegant and harmonious, Picasa is considered the one of the most friendly interfaces in the image editing software. Users can also easily print photos on the frame to hang out, make CD image files or photos to share online and Picasa page of your blog.

6. Picnik

In addition to five popular tools, is Piknik. A special feature of this tool is that you can share and edit photos entirely online in your browser. You only need to access the web page, then follow the easy steps to create an account very quickly so you can have access to all its useful features online.

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