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Amazon: The Best Place to Buy Cheap Cell Phones

Updated on April 28, 2013

Need a New Phone?

People are always in need of new cell phones. Whether they are fed up with their existing cell phones, or a phone breaks, normally phones are not cheap. However, Amazon does an amazing job selling cell phones for a dirt cheap price that other stores can't compete with. The only catch is that typically you do need to start a new phone plan with these orders. But what I normally do is when I need a new phone, I cancel my subscription with a cell phone company and order these phones for cheap. You can get a $500 phone for the cost of $150 subscription cancellation and a the cost of a cheap phone which can sometimes be only a penny! If you don't need to cancel the phone, you only have to pay the price shown. One cent for a new phone isn't half bad. Keep reading to see what kind of deals you can get, and click on the ad to buy the phones directly from amazon!

If you're skeptical, and think this is a scam, I provided links directly to that will show you more phones for sale, or you can just visit yourself.

Verizon Wireless Phones

Verizon Wireless is typically the juggernaut of cell phone companies. They are the largest, currently, and they're service is probably the best. My biggest complaint about them, however, is that since they are so large, their customer service is lacking. I mean, who needs customer service when you can afford to lose a few customers? Despite that, they do have top notch phones with top notch plans.

I've been with Verizon before, and to say their service is the best is an understatement. And to be honest, I'd probably go back to them. But to each their own, if you like good service, Verizon is the place to go. But if you're expecting any sort of problems with your plan or phone, prepare to get extremely angry when you're on the phone with their customer service rep.

More Verizon Phones

AT&T Phones

AT&T Is my current provider, and right now, I have no complaints. I've been with them for about a year or so, and they've been awesome. There's been a few times where I've lost service, but it's never been significant enough for me to whine over. Full disclosure, though, I've never had to call their customer service, so I don't know how well they handle that, but when I went to go get my phone, the sales people were top notch. I was a little late on a sale they were having, and the salesman hooked me up with a $300 phone for about $50. Right now, I have the Nokia Lumia 900, which, ok, it's a Window's Phone, so sue me, but I find it amazing. The only gripe is that the apps are a bit lacking, but they still have good ones. Beyond that, their plans are fairly inexpensive, and I'd rate them second only to Verizon as far as their service goes.

Sprint Cell Phones

I've been a customer of Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile AND AT&T. Verizon wireless has the best service, so far, but Sprint has the best customer service BAR NONE. When I told them I was canceling my plan because of a broken phone, they offered to cut my bill in half for life, as well as give me $150 credit for a new phone. If you love Sprint, I suggest you stay with them. Verizon has crap customer service, because they have so many customers. They can afford to lose one or two. I highly support Sprint, my girlfriend is currently with them, but the only gripe I have is that they have pretty poor service. I don't know if it's just the fact that she uses her speaker phone too much (I hate that) but sometimes it's pretty hard to hear her. In the same breathe, though, when I was with Sprint, I never had any problems, minus a couple dropped calls in the factory I worked at. Again, I would recommend Sprint if you're a customer service freak, like me.

More Sprint Phones

T-Mobile Cell Phones

I would like to keep my mouth shut about the disdain I have for T-Mobile. I loathe them. My phone with them was a Samsung Behold, which sucked horribly. I'll tell you briefly about my problem with T-Mobile. I had a contract that was supposed to end in June, so in May, I switched over to AT&T and lowered my plan with T-Mobile so my last payment would be cheaper. My phone was broken, so that's why I jumped the gun getting a new phone. T-Mobile stated that since I changed my plan, my contract was renewed. I told them there was some sort of misunderstanding, and that I never intended to renew my contract, and I saw nothing showing that I would be renewing my contract. They would not budge, and I was charged $600 for cancellation fees. I was planning on fighting it, but I was leaving for basic military training and wanted my finances in order before I left, so I bit the bullet and paid. Their service was garbage, I'm not saying that I dropped calls all the time, but I never got any service in the hospital I was working at. Their phones, while better now than they were back then, were horrid. Their customer service was actually decent when I needed help with something, but when it came to them losing a customer, they wouldn't work with me at all, which I guess is understandable, but $600 is a bit extreme, and perhaps I should have fought a bit harder. That being said, had that issue never happened, I can honestly say they weren't bad as far as plan prices. Actually, compared to the others, I believe they had the cheapest monthly prices. However, I have a horrible taste in my mouth for T-Mobile, so I don't recommend them, and if you do go with them, NEVER change your plan unless you really like them.

Virgin Mobile

I don't know too much about Virgin Mobile, and their prices on Amazon aren't exactly much cheaper as you would find elsewhere. I added them, however, so the Virgin Mobile fans wouldn't feel left out. Don't ever say I never did anything for you.

Who Is Your Recommend Phone Provider?

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