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The best plugins for Wordpress

Updated on January 4, 2015

Wordpress plugins

Credit: daddydesign
Credit: daddydesign

WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using

If you are using the WordPress Blog Platform, it is a very useful pluggins application that is indispensable. WordPress is the number one choice not only because it is lightweight, fast, compatible and highly synchronized, multiple themes, etc ... The pluggins are the most important help to Wordpress in order to remain in the top number 1 position.
Plugins help support WordPress work to expands, be more flexible and have more features. The WordPress users can virtually do anything they like, have all the features they need based on a massive amount of plugins that developers have been building.
I would like to introduce a collection of the best Plugins installed Widget for WordPress by Quickonlinetips selected, compiled and introduced.
All this plugin is divided by function. As far as I know, all this plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If you have any better plugin, please leave me a comment so I can add it to the list.

The plugin helps manage comment on WordPress

  1. Subscribe To Comments – Plugin allows users to receive notifications about new comments on each article.
  2. WP AJAX Edit Comments – Plugin allows visitors and admin to edit their comments by using AJAX technology.
  3. Get Recent Comments – Displays a snippet of the latest comments or trackbacks are posted on the article on your blog
  4. WP Grins – This plugin allows you to display the smileys board for people to click on and insert smileys into your article or comment.
  5. WordPress Paged Comments – This plugin allow comment on pages. Very useful for blog that have multiple comment
  6. Live Comment Preview – This Plugin will help you to preview comment before post it.
  7. Show Top Commentators – This plugin used to encourage visitors to participate more comments on your blog by displaying the name and number of comments they have written recently in the sidebar
  8. WordPress Gravatar Plugin – Gravatar shown by the writer's email.
  9. Comment Relish – Send email to thank those who wrote the first comment on the blog.
  10. Favatars – display the favicon that related to website of people who sents comment
  11. Dofollow – lets you remove the nofollow command to restrict the search engines read the content comment.
  12. Extended Comment Options – allows you to switch between the comments and disable or enable ping for articles.

These specialist SEO Plugins for WordPress

  1. Google XML Sitemaps Generator – creates a sitemap for all the posts on your WordPress blog. Helps Google and other search engine indexing for individual posts.
  2. Permalink Redirect -respond to 301 if requested URI is different from parmalink of the article. It helps ensure that each article is only a single URL.
  3. SEO Title Tag – optimized WordPress title tags for search engines. Editing the title tag of the entire article, page, of your category and tag pages, etc..
  4. Enforce www. Preference – Protection your parmentlink have www or no www, and also move the index.php to rear of the URL .
  5. Optimal Title – Allows you to move the blog name behind the title of the page and the article instead of the default settings that appears at the top.
  6. Quick META Keywords –automatically insert the META Keywords tag on each article on the categories.

Plugins helps to place ads on your WordPress blog

  1. Ad Rotator – Automatically rotates ads appear randomly on each article.
  2. AdSense-Deluxe – Plugin provides advanced features for managing the insertion of advertising in posts.
  3. Buy Me a Beer – Allow readers to donate money to you via PayPal.

Plugins help block spam on the blog on WordPress

  1. Akismet – a very smart plugin to prevent comment spam.
  2. Spam Karma 2 (SK2) – is an anti-spam plugin for WordPress, which acts to block all forms of automated spam.
  3. Math comment spam protection – Additional mathematical question in the comment form to stop the spambot.

Plugins enhances the features of the WordPress RSS feed

  1. Simple Feed Copyright – Add a line of the copyright into feed of WordPress.
  2. Full Text Feed – Protection does not allow WordPress 2.1x versions add a link to your blog feed.

Plugins enhance random feature for WordPress

  1. Democracy –more votes evaluation function using AJAX technology into your WordPress blog.
  2. flickrRSS – Easily display Flickr photos in your blog.

Plugins help translate your blog into different languages​​

  1. Global Translator – Help translate your blog into other languages ​​in a very friendly way with the search engines.
  2. Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro – provides an automatic translation tool for your blog more than 13 languages. You have to spend $ 30 for this plugin.

Plugins help users easily navigate the article.

  1. Related Posts – create a list of articles associated with the same subject or you are writing to you. This plugin helps increase pageviews since it provides information related to all present.
  2. WP-PageNavi – Insert a navigation bar to WordPress. This Plugin is useful for moving between pages and category.
  3. Evermore – Shortened the post when viewing multi pages. It is useful in creating a summary of the article.
  4. Random Redirect – This plugin allows you to create a link to an any post on your blog.
  5. Lightbox JS Plugin – Used to create a popup for image in your article and help display the image clearly.
  6. Popularity Contest – Count the number of view of the article, the category, comment and use that data to decide which articles are most viewed.
  7. Extended Live Archive – Additional writing by AJAXified technology on digg. in the article.
  8. Custom Query String – Adjustment of all posts will be displayed on each page.
  9. Sidebar Widgets – It will allows you to move the widget in the sidebar
  10. KB Advanced RSS Widget –A wordpress widget allows you to have complete control of topic-specific RSS feed on the sidebar.
  11. Category Cloud Widget – Adds a sidebar widget to display the category as the tag.
  12. Adhesive – Lets you set one or articles that you want to always display on top despite have a new article is published

Plugins help increase interoperability for articles on WordPress

  1. Share This – Allows the reader to add your article to their social bookmark site, or send the link to their friends via email.

Plugins enhance the functionality to manage the WordPress Admin

  1. WordPress Database Backup – Backup database for your WordPress blog on demand.
  2. WP-cache – A module have fast cache
  3. WP-SupercacheA modified plugin from WP-Cache to create HTML file.
  4. podPressThis plugin has more features designed to make WordPressbecomes an ideal platform for hosting podcasts.
  5. TinyMCE AdvancedWYSIWYS is editor of WordPress, compared withTinyMCE is set further 16 plugins, adding 40 new button on the toolbar.
  6. Exec-PHPAllow execution of PHP in text or excerpts of the article. As such,the articles and pages on your blog like usual PHP files.
  7. InstantUpgradeHelp you upgrade WordPress simply, safely and automatically with just one mouse click.

I am sure that there are many other great plugins for WordPress that I do not know. If you know, please add them to this list via your comment or email me. I will add them to the list in the next updated.

For those new to blogging, a forest of plugin will cause confusion because they do not know what the best option and type in accordance with the requirements of use. Your website may just need to use about 10 plugins different types, but to filter out 10 plugins that seriously, you need to learn about and install hundreds of plugins, in the library of Wordpress plugins, there are many great plugins, you can see the popular plugins and take a look. Therefore, the reference list is useful for beginners. You save articles similar to this for reference. Read on to see if your blog wishing to use them or not. Otherwise, over time, your blog will generate demand, then check this list again to see if any plugins you are in need or not? Do not install all of these functions immediately just after creating a blog, because you need time to try, the reason is simple, today you can enjoy this plugin, tomorrow you can see it does not suit for your site and you want to remove and you want to have some other plugins that meet your demand, then try to search. For example, you created a blog and there are many articles, and artices, you might think about if your blog have a sequence of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 to browse your pages will be easier for readers is better then you wont have to look for so long, because what you're looking for is WP-PageNavi. Another day, if you want all related posts are displayed just below the present, or Similar Posts Related Posts just what you need. The old post of you have the opportunity to appear before the eyes of readers. etc,. then you can install plugins that suit your demands. So, over time, your blog will improve gradually. Don't need to be rush.

Users with free accounts at can not add any plugin. Because the javascript disabled, can not put these types of ads like Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser ...
There are many plugins not query the DB, but there are a number of plugins can query the DB. Normally if you use many plugins, it will slow down access for web page load time, will increase. Therefore, to choose the appropriate plugin and a moderate number of features to fit up the blog, while also ensuring reasonable speed download blog


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