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The best printer for a small office

Updated on November 11, 2013
Our network office printer
Our network office printer

What are you looking for in a printer?

There are lot of printers available in the market. Choosing the best printer for you office is a difficult task. There a different kinds of printers available in the market. First you need to sit down and determine your requirement. What jobs are to be done with the printer. Now a days a multi tasking pinter can be used for the following purposes:

1. Printing documents
2. Printing Pictures
3. Sending fax
4. Scan documents
5. Scan Pictures etc.
6. Photocopying

There are many other uses for a printer. Some offices require only black and white printing. If you are looking for a black and while printer for bulk printing, then HP Laser Jet P2014 or HP laser Jet 1160 models are sufficient. We use both the models and are satisfied with the performance of these printers.

Laser Jet printers are more economic than other printers. Now a days printers are come with USB cable which can attach easily to a computer.

Network Printer

A network printer is a printer attached to many users or computers. Network printers are ideal for small or medium type office where sitting arrangements of 5-10 people are organized in one room. It can be connected to computers typically by wireless or Ethernet cable. The draw back of such arrangement is that if you want to take a printout on a letterhead, then you have to inform other users not to give print job till you take the printout on the letter head. In my office we have six peoples and whenever someone needs to take a printout on a letterhead or on a special paper, we announce about it and ask others to hold their print jobs. If it take long time, then we have to do it after the office hours or use the lunch time. If it is something urgent, it requires the cooperation of other users. One of the benefit of using a network printer is that we can store the scanned documents on our computer. Scanning front and back side of a page is possible with such printers. It is fast and easy to operate.

Scanner with memory stick. In our office we have a printer which has an option to save scanned documents on a memory stick. That is a great blessing as we can send scanned documents through email and store the soft copy in a computer.

Dot Matrix Printer: Dot matrix printers are used by commercial banks and accounts offices. It is cheap but slow. Now a days we rarely see a dot matrix printer. The first printer I used in our office was a dot matrix printer which has an inked ribbon on it. It was very noisy making sounds like err... err.. err..

Before making a purchase, you need to ascertain the requirements. Look for a cost effective best printer which will satisfy all your needs.

Maintaining Cost
: Cost of maintaining a printer is very important. We get cheep printers in the market with high maintaining cost. I purchased ink jet printer which I thought was very economic. But later I found that I have to purchase new ink cartridge every month which is costly. Many companies use such tricks to make money. Before purchasing a printer please analyses how many prints can be obtained from one cartridge and the cost of replacing or refilling the cartridge. Many printers reject the refilled cartridges. Use of refilled cartridge is strictly prohibited by well known companies and asking us to use new original cartridges which has very high cost.

Speed of the the printer: Another point is to be noted while purchasing a printer is its speed to print documents. Speed is measured by the number of pagers per minutes. A printer which can print 30 pages per minute can be treated as fast.

Photo and Document Printers for Home

There are printers available suitable for home. They can print outstanding photos and documents for everyday home printing with Deskjet and Photosmart printers and multifunction printers

Printers for Home Office and Micro Business

An home office require multifunction printers which can create professional looking documents for your business with Officejet and LaserJet printers.

Printers for Small Business

For a small business you need a printer which can print more professional-quality print, copy and scanning capabilities for businesses with Officejet and LaserJet Printers

Printers for Large Business

Smart printers can increase the productivity of a person. Make use of professional print, scan, copy and fax functionality plus a range of productivity-enhancing features to boost office productivity

Printers for Enterprise

For enterprises, you need a more bigger printer which can print or copy up to A3 size. Get high-speed, high-volume colour or black-and-white printing/copying up to A3, with added security features.


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