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The Best Computer Design So Far.... Away!

Updated on March 6, 2015

Will be continuing.

Things possible that I would like to see in a computer by 2016, ironically the year that Toshiba said that they will discover Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which is a computer (hardware) designer that does not even make its own software, it uses Microsoft like many others. Are they contributing? No idea...

Seeing as though computers are getting very thin, and I am kind of terrified of losing one durability is definitely something I would not care about paying weight for.


Is a design of the future, a full tablet computer with the ability to type if not equal than better than a normal computer.

Using a touchscreen on the back of the tablet/ computer in conjunction with two cameras the ability to type on the back of the device would be much easier whilst holding in rather than using just two hands.

I will pat myself on the back for this one.

GOING FORWARD... The best ones are mine of course... looking for investors... Of COURSE!

Internal projector designed for the Big Game!

An internal charging port for AA AAA batteries anywhere on chassis (not entirely practical but pretty cool (short term)).

Internal WI-FI extender

A better touch-less 3-D monitor like leap motion or I think Lenovo's sensor which is near the webcam, a configuration with both is the best scenario seeing how they work and you can not get 3-D imaging from one frame of reference, you would think they would understand this but clearly they do not.

Decent glare and smudge proof screen for people that aren't reading for touch-less interface

1 stop spliter for anything that still has wires.

Rotating Internal webcam.

Solar panels all over.

Keyboard/ Lid/ Gyroscopic Kinetic Recovery.

Different color back-lit keyboard for entirety, numbers, shift lock, touch simple gradual touch for brightness and volume.

internal surge protector


on board storage.... (ram as a hard drive)

Obviously nano technology repellent waterproof.

Quantum processor was developed and tested in November 2011, Hopefully they will reach the people that really need it by 2020 and we're not using it for mediocrity.


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