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The best way to solve unemployment in kenya through the internet

Updated on October 6, 2015

Make money online in kenya

Do not be fooled you can make money online in Kenya
Do not be fooled you can make money online in Kenya
Do not complain any more there are still chances of self employment online in kenya
Do not complain any more there are still chances of self employment online in kenya
Others are making money from the net why not Kenyans
Others are making money from the net why not Kenyans

How to the internet can help kenyan youths to create jobs

In the world today, there are very many ways people can become entrepreneurs from the Internet. This is because through the Internet you have a massive market for your skills or products. For any business venture to succeed there must be willing buyers and willing sellers and this is what the Internet is providing to the Kenyan youth.

A majority of Kenyan youths are well educated. Many have good skills that they can offer online to thousands of people all over the world who are in need of these skills. Through the Internet billions of people log in daily to look for skilled people who can offer them services at an affordable price. There are other parts of this world where getting affordable services is quite difficult and therefore, these people turn to the Internet to look for these services. They offer their projects to millions of freelancers who work on them from the comfort of their homes and offices daily. Why not you?

Examples of services sort after online

  • Writing services
  • Web design
  • Data entry
  • Application developers
  • Graphic designs
  • Teaching and tutorial services

Where do people in need of these services offer their work?

To get all these services and at affordable prices many people all over the world offer their jobs in the freelance sites. It is from here, qualified freelancers get these jobs. Getting a job from a freelance site is quite easy. This is because you will only be required to sign up with the site, update your profile and then bid for the job that you feel qualified to work on.

Examples of freelance site that Kenyan youth can make money from through the Internet.


These are just but a few, there are not the only ones because there are many others offering different kinds of work. In all of these sites the procedures of getting work are almost the same although there are others you will be required to bid for jobs while on others you will only be required to just take an existing project and start working on it as per the requirements. For example let us take

This is one of the most popular freelance sites in the world. It has people from all parts of the world and many jobs are posted here on a daily basis. It has millions of active members and therefore, competition is quite high. The first thing to do is to sign up. From there you will be required to complete your profile and then upload your picture of choice. Then you will be required to go through the offered jobs and take on the one that you are most qualified to work on. You will bid and then you wait for the employer to contact you. The employer will consider many things when offering the job. He will look at your qualifications for the job and compare them among many others who have bid for the job and finally the most qualified will be awarded the project according to merit and to some extent luck.

Money is the greatest motivational to work, how do you get paid for work done?

There are various methods of getting paid for work done online. One and the most important method is the payment method that each individual site offers to its freelancers. Each site has its own payment method. If you explore your freelance site you will see where your payment reflects after the employer has released it. In many sites, they also offer a safe payment method where the employer places a milestone or a deposit before you commence your project to protect you from fraudsters that pose like genuine employers.

After you have been paid in the site you will be required to withdraw to the most convenient platform where you will be able to get the money from your country. These will vary in different countries but the most convenient for people making money online in Kenya are the following;

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer card


This is one of the most effective methods to withdraw money from the freelance world directly to your Equity bank account. There was a time when this was a nightmare but these days it is quite easy thanks to the partnership between PayPal and Equity bank. You will have to wait for eight days to get the money but the best thing is that your money will be in safe hands. There are also other PayPal merchants in Kenya who will offer direct PayPal to Mpesa transactions but a good research is required before contacting them for service. The most trusted is Walter Akoro who runs I have withdrawn from him a number on time successfully. And per his online reviews his credibility is proven by many.


Skrill is another way to withdraw your freelance money directly to your Mpesa account. With Skrill you will not need third parties to get you money in your Mpesa account because it is a direct transaction that is instant. You will just need to log in to your Skrill account and follow the procedure and your money will be on your phone account instantly.

Payoneer card

This also another important method of withdrawing your money, it comes in form of a master card that you apply online and then it is sent in your post address free of charge. It is offered by the bank of America with the purpose of making online payments across the globe, you can use it to withdraw money from all the approved sites and then get you cash on all MasterCard approved ATM's world wide. Payoneer card is a good bet because they also have an affiliate program where they offer $25 dollars to the person who invited you and also the same amount to you after you have used this card to withdraw $100. This is a win win situation and therefore a good motivation.

Earning money from the Internet is a sure way of eliminating unemployment in Kenya. It is quite easy because all you will be required to have is an Internet connection and a good computer. You can then set you office anywhere and start working. It is also good to mention here that this is not a get rich quick scheme because a lot of effort and dedication is required to make good money. It might be challenging at first but always remember that quitters never win and winners never quit.


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