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Best Youtube Videos that would Inspire you

Updated on September 14, 2015


Inspiration is the most powerful thing to happen to a person. It opens up new pathways to survive and also reach our goals.

Even a blade of grass goes through tough times and yet it stands boldly. Inspiration is there everywhere around us from the ant to the bunny all living things can teach us so many things.

Videos can be a visual journey into the lives of people. More than often we end up watching videos that make us happy.

Here is a super set of videos from youtube to drive you to seek a better life and survive to tell your tale.

Become the inspiration

Bunny | Source

The inspiration to love

Love is the most beautiful emotion that we possess. Let us forget hatred for a while and trust the power of love.

The video that follows cannot be expressed by mere words. Whoever you are and wherever you exist the following video teaches us to love.

Let us start our inspiration with love and pass the feeling to every one, especially to the ones who need love the most!

This particular video tells us the story of two boys who live in an orphanage. It portrays the serious issues behind personal loss, loneliness, orphanages, disability and children s rights. The video inspires us to take a look around us. People need love in a loveless world and compassion is the best way to connect with this world.

The beauty of love

Inspiration to be real

Each one of us are unique and that makes the world the most interesting place.

Who are we inside? Are we proud about our skills?

Be inspired by this short film that tells us about our identity and how important it is to us.

A short film by Khalil K J Adams


Take flight
Take flight | Source

Inspiration to be brave

Be brave always no matter what. That is the message we get from the following video.

We can use all the talents we have and stand boldly in front of this world.

We can help ourselves become the inspiration to millions of people around us, who do not have an inspiration.

The courage to follow your goals and also inspire others

Give - Touching Story of Selfless Love and Legacy

Inspiration to beat the odds

Most often people call us names. This practice is unfortunately seen as a normal one.

However, the victims of these labels and cat calls even go to risk their own lives to prove how much those cheap words hurt them!

Do not sit their listening to those words and labels. Walk out boldly in the sun and tell people how you feel. The more people listen to your story the more support you shall gain.

This has been proved correct by the following video. The video tells us about a few minutes in a hall where a bold woman talks about being bullied over the internet. Yes, you heard it right.

Bullied girl becomes the most beautiful inspiration

Inspiration to ban bullying

Bullying is one of the great obstacles we face everyday even as adults.

Bullies are supported everywhere and this has to stop.

Let us draw inspiration to stand up and fight bullies.

Against bullies and labels

Power of youtube videos

Youtube has given people a platform to voice their opinions and showcase their ideas and talents.

According to Chris Anderson from TED that supports ideas worth spreading, youtube has become a major contributor to new ideas that can change the world.

Chris Anderson talks about youtube on CNN.

Have you been inspired by these videos?

See results

Get inspired

Sparrow | Source

You are not alone in your struggle

Thousands and millions of humans and living creatures on Earth suffer due to bad times. Let it not make you sad since now you have all these strong messages from across the globe to support you.

Learn from these videos to express your sad feelings to someone you trust. Get out of your shell of fear and conquer the world like this sparrow who walks like a warrior out on the road.

You are not alone and there is still hope crying from all the corners to help you take the first few steps towards your goals.


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