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The cheapest ebook reader, tablet

Updated on November 4, 2012

Chinese tablet PC


A few days ago i was visiting my friend and i saw him having an Ipad. That was hard to believe, because in Lithuania it's still something that just a minority of people can afford. And yes, i was correct when i didn't believed he has an Ipad. It was just a cheap copy. The one that they make in China with even bigger amounts then Apple makes Ipads.

So i asked my friend how's the device. He was well please about it. Of course it's now even close to Ipad, because it has only 2GB hard drive, 256MB of operating memory, so it's like these days smart phone. But when i asked my friend why did he bought it, he said a simple idea: 'it's the worlds cheapest eBook reader' And then i understood he's right.
As i'm student, i do know how good it is to have an eBook reader. You save hundreds of dollars, because if you, study law for example as i do, you definitely need to read a lot, and making copies of books is the second work you do the most after reading it.

So what i wanted to say is that, you don't have to buy eBook readers for 300 dollars - they are there for less then a $100. So if you're really searching for a cheap eBooks reader, but even cheaper tablet PC.

There is a direct link to where my friend bought it


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    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      It's awesome, thanks for sharing.