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The cheapest internet ever

Updated on August 18, 2010

The cheapest internet!!

hi i am gonna tell you about the most cheapest type of internet in the whole internet world

as i am also using this internet connection because i cant afford a broadband connection OK so getting to the point. this internet is connected from the mobile phone to the computer through the data cable or infrared or even blue tooth, OK I'll explain you one by one

1)data cable:

                       you can connect your device to the computer through the data cable by connecting your cable into your phone and another one into the computer and select mode as PC suite note:you have to set up the default service provider and other additional settings etc for connecting to the internet .well i know it but if i tell it to you you will be bored that's why i wont tell you that.


                  This kind if connection is also called as wireless connection however the internet speed will be 5 times more slower than the data cable because as the cable can pass a large number of data and transmit a lot of information at a time but a wireless connection cannot do that fast as a cable

note: your device and your computer both must have infrared for connecting to the internet. However there will be additional software needed for connecting the both devices.

3)Blue tooth:

                     this one of the most advanced technology of all other connecting modems .But the peed will be slower than cable as this connection is also wireless and this connection is also requiring bluetooth on both the sides on the device and you can insert bluetooth as a dongle to your computer it is available all around now a days as it is also used for sending and receiving data through other devices .Whenever you will buy a new bluetooth software CD Rom just insert the software from that CD ad you're good to go connect your device to the bluetooth on the computer that is when you will finish installing the bluetooth software the bluetooth shortcut appears on your desktop just double click on that icon bluetooth toolbar/menu appears now you can easily select the option for connecting your device to the internet.


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