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The difference between Skype, Glide and Facetime

Updated on May 14, 2017

What is the difference between Skype, Glide and Facetime

The limitless amounts of media in the world today to talk to and see your family and friends from near and far is amazing. There are so many different types of technology that people use to talk to one another that most don't know what to choose. With things like Cell phones, Tablets, Ipads, and iPods, there are many different ways to converse with people. Also known as apps that you can use. Have you heard of Skype, Glide, and Facetime which you can access on all three of these different devices? First of all, what is Skype? Skype was one of the first things that came out with video calling, wasn't it? who has heard of it? Probably, everyone, that was one of the first video chats that came out before Facetime and Glide. Those came after, but what is the difference between the three apps?

These apps make seeing your family and friends from near and far, limitless if you haven't seen them in awhile and they have the app.

Do you have or have you had these three apps? If you have them do you use them or have they become obsolete? Everyone has probably heard of Skype but what is it? Skype is for doing things together, whenever you are apart. Skype text, video and voice is a simple way to share your life with the people that matter to you most no matter where you are. You can do almost anything on Skype, hold meetings, celebrate a birthday, chat and send files, things like that. That is Skype for you.

Glide is something similar but what is Glide really? Glide is an all in one live video messaging APP for your phone, it is free. You can send and receive live video streaming messages, either in a group or one on one, and it doesn’t take up any storage on the devices that you use it on, isn’t that cool. I will discuss the features of each of these after I tell you what each of these things is.

Last but not least Facetime, what is that? Facetime is, with a tap, you can make video calls over Wi-Fi from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to someone else's. You can even make FaceTime calls over cellular networks on iPhone or iPad. And be there in person, even when you're not. So with all these apps which ones do you use or which ones have you heard of?

The Difference between Apps

Do you use Skype, Glide or Facetime or all three?

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Skype, Glide and Facetime

I have heard of all three of them, and I have used all three of them. Not so much, Facetime and Glide, though, but Skype. I have had Skype and Facetime for as long as I have had my phone which has been about a year. I find that having Facetime and Skype is a bit redundant because they both can do the same thing if you have it do you agree? I don’t really think that these three apps are that much different other than Skype of course because you can do more with it then the Facetime and Glide. I feel that Facetime and glide are very much the same apps, except that there is a bit more that can be done with glide not much, though. The only thing that you can really do with glide rather than Skype sends a message and then people can watch it later, but that is all described in the definitions above.

Do you use these apps, and if so how much do you use them? I have all three apps as I have mentioned but only really use one of the three apps. Why, well I find the other two apps sort of redundant and I think I have mentioned this before but to me it is true, all three apps can do the same thing so why would you need three apps that can do the same thing? You don’t but because they were new at the time I think that is why I downloaded them.

These apps are all different but similar, if you are looking to download one or two I would probably suggest, Skype and Glide. Even though I don’t use glide much, I would still keep that over Facetime any day because you can send a video message and it stays there until the other person sees’s it like a text message, that is what glide is, a type of video text. Who doesn’t like video texting? It is cool not that I would use it all the time but to change texting up it is a nice feature to have. Are you a Facetime, glide or Skype user? One or the other or none of the above. What do you think of these apps? Are you a type of person who uses apps, or are you one of those people who doesn't care? I have the apps but am not addicted to using them, I know some people who are and at times that can be annoying can't it? What do you think? Remember though if you want these apps, it is not necessary to have all three of them for one of them to work.

Also, don't forget all of these apps are free to download on whatever device they are compatible with. These apps are compatible with limitless devices or at least that is what I read online, which is why most people have two or more of them. However you can't use all the apps together, but why would you need too since they are all video apps of some kind. If you are thinking of downloading one of two pick the ones that you like the best and run with them. The different things that these apps can offer you might surprise you and you may have a use for all of them.

The Logo for Skype when you sign in
The Logo for Skype when you sign in

What the apps can do for everyone

These three apps are great sources to keep in contact with loved ones and friends from all over the world. They can give people the feeling of being limitlessly close to the people in there lives that are far away. With these apps and the fact that you can see the person, it doesn't feel like they are limitlessly distant when they can see you talking to them instead of talking to them over the phone or a text message.

What the Facetime app looks like for iphone
What the Facetime app looks like for iphone

Do you use these limitless apps to connect with friends and family if so which ones and why let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 12 months ago from Ontario

      That is so true thanks for the comment

    • profile image

      Kanai Adhikary 12 months ago

      All of the above apps are mainly used for social and casual interactions and very less for business meetings. For business meetings, apps like webex, R-HUB web video conferencing servers, gotomeeting etc. are widely used by organizations globally.