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The difference between web designing and web development

Updated on August 20, 2015


If you wanted to create a new site for your business, then you already heard about the notions of web design and web development. But do you know what they mean, and how they can help bring your site to life? Let’s learn what each means and how does it fit into the website creation process!

Difference between web designing and web development
Difference between web designing and web development

Web designing

This is a process that helps you create the look and feel of a website. At the same time, the web design also focuses on the creation of logos and other tools that will help you establish a brand identity, not to mention that here we can also include visual elements included in the website or graphics such as banners, amongst many others. You should know that web design focuses mostly on the exterior of a website, it’s front end.

web design
web design

A web designer will basically create the user experience that the user will access the first time when entering the website. This is why the web design mostly focuses on the way a site looks and the customer interaction. Moreover, the designer will need to implement all the design principles in order to create a site that customers will navigate with ease and pleasure.

Usability is another concern for the web designers because they have to ensure that the customers will have no problem understanding the website structure.

Web development

Unlike the web design portion of the site, web development focuses mostly on the back end of the site, the page interactions and programming. As expected, the web developer will focus on the functionality of the website and what functions the customers might need in order to get the best experience.

The back end programming is also their concern as well, not to mention that a good web developer will know numerous programming languages, how to work with PHP scripts and how to program CGI, among many others.

Moreover, the web development portion also includes the addition and usage of web forms, as well as the way these are implemented into the website. Not only that, but registration systems, shopping carts and a wide range of other automated tasks also pertain to this type of job.

Web development
Web development

How can they help?

Usually , in order to get the best experience you will need to hire dedicated designers and developers, because no person can excel at both of these, instead most of the time you will need to work with a team of professionals that will offer you both services.

Many times companies looking to create an online presence find the notions of web design and web development to be roughly the same, but as you can see there are quite a lot of differences between the two ideas.We hope that this article will help you remove the misconception that sometimes arises between the two concepts, and that now you have a much clearer perspective in regards to what each one covers and how it can help your website reach its true potential. Any successful website will have to focus on both of these equally, because a good web design also has to be backed by a stellar web development all the time. Administer resources the right way and you will surely enjoy the high quality results that come from the entire endeavor!


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