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The different types of computer hardware

Updated on February 11, 2015

Computer/computer tower specs

One of the more important parts of the computer is the computer tower or "brain". As the nickname suggests it does most of the thinking and processing for the computer. There are very only a few types of towers. Though there are only a few types, there are many components and specs that could make 2 different brains, that are similar in appearance, vastly different. Furthermore, the specs(specifications) of this part is usually determined by the different parts of it which also have their specifications. For this reason, a vast explanation will be done in another article to better explain it.

Types of monitors

Monitors are another of the more important parts. Just as you need a computer tower to actually perform processing information and "think" you need a monitor to "see" what the tower is doing. The monitor displays pictures, words, and any other figure that may give you insight into what is going on with your computer. You also need it to find out how your actions have affected the brain and the other components of your computer. There are quite a few different types of monitors some of which are no longer relevant but, most of which are still in use today.

Types of keyboards

Your keyboard allows you to type words into your computer, as well as, perform other tasks which people don't usually know about. Keyboards can be very boring, painful, and disappointing or they can be convenient, comfortable, fun, and innovative, depending on the type that you are dealing with. Usually a keyboard will come standard with a computer set; it is very uncommon and nearly impossible to get a computer set without a keyboard. There are many types of keyboards. It is quite necessary that you have a keyboard but it is not imperative that you have a physical keyboard; there is an array of digital keyboards to choose from, regardless of whether your computer screen is touch screen or not.

Types of printers

The printer is the device that prints pages. Printers can be used to print a page that you created, a webpage, a file that is on another device, or many, many other things. A printer is not necessary to have a computer that functions well and normal however, a printer is a wonderful convenience. There are quite a few different types of printers. There are even more features that could or could not be part of the functions and abilities of your printer that could make a very big difference in the quality, price, durability, and respectability of your printer.

Types of computer mice

The mouse of the computer is a small device that allows you to aim anywhere on your monitor screen and select other items.The computer mouse is not exactly necessary to operate a computer; there are actually ways to get around using a mouse. With that being said, it would behoove you to get a mouse with your computer because computer operation without a mouse could be difficult but it doesn't have to be difficult. Most computer packages come with standard with a mouse; it is almost impossible to find one without it. It should be noted however that there are other computer parts that one can use instead of a mouse without using functioning keys, and odd keyboard combinations.

Alternatives to the computer mouse

Remember when I said that the mouse was not absolutely necessary? This is why. Some laptops, and computer sets don't even come with a computer set. Remember when I said that few computer sets come without mice or keyboards? That is still the case but, the situation is rapidly changing. In fact touchscreen technology makes it completely possible to do without a keyboard and a mouse. One could also use a tracking ball which is similar to a mouse except that it has a huge ball to control the digital pointer on your monitor so that you are not required to constantly move your mouse in order to select objects.

Unconventional keyboards

There is much to be said about alternatives to a regular keyboard. It is not entirely necessary to have a physical keyboard or even a keyboard at all for that matter. There are many substitutes to the physical keyboard including functional keys, digital keyboards, and mouse functions. Digital keyboards can be downloaded onto your computer. They can take the place of a physical keyboard. They will show up on your monitor. You can control them by clicking the button you want to press with a monitor or you can physically touch the preferred key; touch screen commands however, would require a touch screen monitor. Another alternative to the keyboard are the function keys. Function keys will not fulfill your every desires but you can get a lot done with them. They can also provide a shortcut for whatever you need to get done. Finally you can just click some things in order to get a task done rather than using your keyboard. Few things that you need done will actually be accomplished this way but it does make for a great substitute method for getting some unusual tasks done.


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