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The different types of keyboards

Updated on February 14, 2015

Standard keyboards

Standard keyboards are just as simple as they seem they are original; physically speaking, there is nothing special about them. There are advantages to them, however. They are usually cheaper and more cost efficient. A standard keyboard is a good thing to start off with. As basic as they are, good quality products can be found for much cheaper prices. Those who are shopping or simply searching for a standard keyboard also have advantages in the aspects of a wider selection. There is a much wider variety of choices for those who want basic keyboards. People are also so familiar that standard keyboards there is no need to get "used" to it because everyone originally learns on it.

Ergonomic keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards are very advantageous in certain aspects. Like many other features and types ergonomic boards can come with many other types. Ergonomic features make keyboards better for usability. An ergonomic keyboard is designed with a strange V-shape. Our hands arms and fingers are not really designed to type straight as the standard keyboard would have us do. If you type for long periods of time there is a good chance that typing straight will hurt your wrists and fingers. This v-shape that ergonomic keyboards are made with presents the keys in such a manner that your wrists would prefer to type this reduces the stress that is put on your wrists by long periods of time at computers.

Wireless keyboards

Wireless keyboards are very much like several other types of keyboards. They can come in the form of a gaming, standard,compact, or any other type of keyboard. The thing that makes a wireless keyboard unique is that it doesn't need to have cord. Most wireless keyboards have a usb plug that can create a network connection to the keyboard. It will make it so that you could be lying down in your bed 10 feet away from your computer and still have the ability to type.These wireless capabilities give this type of keyboard an advantage over other types because of their portablility. They are also much easier to take care of. A cord can tear easily but since there is no cord, it is much harder to damage them.

Compact keyboards

Compact keyboards are are very similar to standard keyboards but, they have noteworthy differences. The most important difference is that a compact keyboard is usually 1/2 to 1/3 the size of a standard keyboard. The next most notable difference is that some compact keyboards might not have as many buttons as a standard keyboard. Standard keyboards usually have more that one shift key, enterkey, windows key, number keys, etc. In order to save space companies will build compact keyboards wilth less duplicates of certain keys. They are also very comsious about putting keys that don't actually need to be on the board such as "Scroll lock". The third most important difference is the fact that compact keyboards, unlike standard keyboards tend to have an exquisite, fun, or childish color. There is something far less serious and far more childish about a compact keyboard. For that reason the buttons and the board might actually be to very different fluorescent colors.

Gaming keyboards

In my opinion, Gaming keyboards are the best. They can be ergonomic, wireless, compact or standard. They could very much serve any typing purpose; These purposes are great uses for them but, these are not their main function. Gaming keyboards are used to playa games they feature decorative lights,extra buttons, and other functions.They have extra buttions because sometimes more buttons are needed in order to perform an action in a game. Certain switches on the board might control different aspects of a game. The decorative lights will often light in specific orders or with varied intensity in order to serve as a distiinct notification in the game. They can serve as a warning that you are being injured or a reminder to accomplish a specific purpose in your game. There are also extra functions that can be performed only on a gaming keyboard; These extras are what makes the gamig board superior to all others.

Virtual keyboards

Virtual keyboards are very different from every other type of keyboard. They are usually shaped like standard keyboards but, are not physical. They are digitally presented on your computer monitor. The fact that is is digital means that more than likely you will not be paying for it. Rather that buying one from a store or online, you will probably be downloading it from a website. I am certain that they are special virtual keyboards that one can pay for but one should not because, you may not find something of better quality regardless of the price. There are also options of using one that may have been put on you computer by the manufacturer.


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