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The Errors You Should Not Do When You Open a Blog

Updated on September 27, 2016
Alessio Ganci profile image

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Opening a blog is surely a great moment for everyone who decides to start writing articles on a personal website. Some people do this just for pleasure: they are passionate about a specific topic and they want to write about the things they like. Other ones are thrilled by potential earnings they may make from a visited website. Finally there are people who just want to become a little popular and build some audience on the web. Whatever is the reason you want to start a new blog, there are some errors you should avoid and that many people (even some big news companies) still do.

Forgetting to Save Backup Copies of your Blog Content

Saving a backup of your blog is essential, especially if you are hosting it on a free platform (which may be closed at any moment, without giving you guarantees). In addition, if platform is not only free, but also unpopular, backups are even more important (having a blog hosted on your town's local little newspaper is not as secure as having it hosted on big platforms like Blogger or WordPress). You can actually export your blog content (in XML format) from many platforms, and so you can store it privately. Whenever you have to migrate your blog to another platform, you have your content ready to be re-uploaded. Some services also allow you to export blog template, so that even your website's layout and skin are saved.

Being Obsessed About Money

Being obsessed about making money from a blog leads you to put too much advertisement in your pages. Exaggerating will only keep readers away and, if you are going to put pop-ups, automatic video-ads or boxes asking you to like blog's Facebook page before reading the selected article, you are simply killing your site. Users are visiting you to find an article they are interested in: if you use "violence" against them by putting invasive ads, they simply will not visit your website another time, and they will find the information needed on another blog. You do not need too much advertisement in order to make money: just one-two normal AdSense banners / text ads at the side of the article are more than enough.

You are a good writer? The road to success is here for you. Just pay attention and don't be too focused on earnings or popularity. They arrive after time. Be natural and write just for your pleasure: one day your efforts will be praised.
You are a good writer? The road to success is here for you. Just pay attention and don't be too focused on earnings or popularity. They arrive after time. Be natural and write just for your pleasure: one day your efforts will be praised.

Best Practices to Engage with Readers

  • Answer their comments and get involved in interesting discussions
  • Start a Facebook page for your blog and interact also with your page's fans.
  • Be polite and always show your availability
  • Don't remove comments, unless they contain insults, illegal things or they attack someone
  • Always respect other opinions

Being Detached From Your Readers

Blogs are not so much different from social networks: when a reader comments an article, he is engaging with you. Would you ignore a friend who is writing something on your Facebook timeline? I suppose no. So why should you ignore your readers? If a user comments an article you have written, just reply to him: answer his questions, add more interesting news... a blog lives on interactions, these are even more important than simple visits. If you ignore your readers, you miss the opportunity to get in touch with them, to make your blog more active, and your same readers will go away, if they see they are ignored. As always: maintaining a blog should be considered first of all a pleasure and an activity you are ready to afford: if you started a blog just because you want to earn money, you are going to fail your mission in little time.

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Overlooking Your Blog

When you start a blog, you should check if you have enough time to maintain it: you cannot start it, write some articles and then put it away for months. You must be constant if you want to see results. A good idea is to write articles and schedule other ones for the next days, so that you can relax yourself, without having to write each day: many blog platforms allow you to schedule posts in order they appear in a specific date. In addition to be constant, you have to care about content's quality: writing 20 articles in a day is not a good practice, and it also reduces visibility of your posts (users cannot read all of them). It's much better to write one good article in a day, full of images and interesting content, than many short articles without photos and containing errors.

© 2016 Alessio Ganci


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    • Alessio Ganci profile image

      Alessio Ganci 18 months ago from Italy

      It is the same thing about religionists or people who use Q&A on HubPages in order to make trivial questions like "What is life?"... obsession with money is still present everywhere and everyone would like to make $1000 a month just by writing poor quality content.

      I am personally happy to spend my time in writing hubs that I hope will be appreciated by other ones.

      Thank you for your comment, I agree with everything!

    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 18 months ago from India

      I agreed with your hubs. People often obsessed with money will not go far in blogging. You need to first work to build credibility and write quality content and then only think about money. Great hub.