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Things about Earth what are the fastest

Updated on February 13, 2014

fastest things

There is something that is part of human nature that makes us want to go fast. Something that even small children feel that makes them want to go faster. It brings to mind something that happened this summer. We were tubing behind the boat and my 3 year old grand daughter wanted to try. She got on the tube with her dad. We were going at about 15 mph when her dad lost his balance and the tube flipped over on its side, he fell off.

We stopped right away, the tube righted itself, she was still hanging onto the tube. We pulled the tube in as we went back to pick up her dad. When we got her close she was yelling, faster, faster. The thrill of speed is part of human nature and most of us like going fast in some form, it gives you a sense of freedom and an emotional high. Anyway, this is a list of the fastest vehicles on earth, and how fast they can go.


  1. The first motorcycle record was in 1903 by Glen Curtis  64 mph.
  2. the first over 200 mph 1956 William Herz  211.4 mph.
  3. The current speed record on a motorcycle was set by Chris Carr Sept. 09  367.38 mph.


  1. The first speed record for a car 1898 in France an Electric Jeantaud 39.24 mph.
  2. April 1902 French steam driven car 75.06 mph.
  3. Nov. 1902 first internal combustion engine in France 76.08 mph.
  4. July 1904, first over 100mph. 103.56 mph.
  5. first over 200 mph.  Daytona Beach Florida 202.98mph.
  6. 1937 first over 300 mph.  Bonneville salt flats.  312.00 mph.  The Thunderbolt.
  7. 1963 First over 400 mph.  Spirit of America 408.31 mph.
  8. 1964 Spirit of America  544.13 mph.
  9. 1965 Spirit of America  600.85 mph.
  10. 1997 Black rock desert, first supersonic record, Thrust.  763.05 mph.


  1. Diesel powered speed record 350.45 mph. 2006.
  2. Fastest electric vehicle  312.8 mph.  2004.
  3. Fastest steam vehicle.  139.84 mph.  2009.
  4. Fastest human powered vehicle.  82.33 mph.  2008.
  5. Fastest wind powered vehicle.  126.2 mph.  2009
  6. Fastest manned rocket sled. 635 mph.
  7. Fastest unmanned rocket sled.  6,462 mph.  2003.
  8. Fastest magnetic levitation train  361mph.  2003
  9. Fastest Wheeled train.  357.18 mph.  2007


  1. Fastest surface water speed. 317.59 mph.  1978
  2. Fastest underwater.  38 mph.
  3. Fastest human powered boat.  21.3 mph.
  4. Fastest wind powered watercraft.  59.1 mph. 2009.

Fastest Aircraft

  1. Unmanned. NASA  X-43A.  7,546 mph.  2004.
  2. Manned.  SR-71 Blackbird. 2,194 mph.  1976.
  3. Manned rocket powered aircraft.  4,510 mph. 328,000 feet.  1967.
  4. Prop driven aircraft.  Tu-114. 1960. 541 mph.
  5. Helicopter. Lynx 800.  249 mph.  1986.
  6. Human powered aircraft.  19.8 mph.


  1. Manned.  Apollo 10. 1969.  24,790 mph.
  2. Unmanned Helios 2 probe. 1970.  157,078 mph.


Of all of the land and air speed records, the most likely to be the next broke is the land speed record for a wheeled vehicle.  There are 2 vehicles trying to break the record.  It is possible someone will break the 800 mph mark in the next 6 months.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      what is the fastest a human has ever been under water under his own power. No matter if he is coming up or horiz.

    • spease profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Minneapolis Mn

      Me too. Some people need the speed.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Too much adrenalin for me!


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