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The future of wireless networks-COGNITIVE RADIO

Updated on June 27, 2013
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cognitive radio
cognitive radio
cognitive radio | Source

Why Cognitive Radio?/Concept/Application

Why Cognitive Radio?

The number of mobile service providers are increasing day by day.Even though the primary use of mobile phones is for voice communication,many other features are added to it like internet browsing,mobile tv,streaming, gaming,etc. which requires efficient handling,reliability and ease of use.

According to future estimations,approximately about four hundred crores of mobile internet users are expected.Inorder to handle such situations and avoiding the network from getting choked, a new technology like cognitive radio will be effective.Moeover the increasing number of service providers go on buying spectrum from the department of telecommunications,but most of the time ,a part of the spectrum remain idle.So,this technology allows sharing of spectrum and in this way allows efficient utilisation of spectrum.Cognitive radio is an extension of SDR(Software defined Radio),and the name was coined by a researcher Joseph Mitola.

What is Cognitive radio?

Cognitive radio is a technology used for open spectrum sharing.It performs three functions-1}Spectrum Sensing, that is detection of unused spectrum.This is done by sensing the spectrum holes ie. the areas of spectrum that are unused(which are not currently used by the primary users of the spectrum) using cognitive engine.

2}Spectrum management ,which captures the best available spectrum which meets the communication requirements by using a policy engine.

3}Spectrum Sharing ,in which a decision algorithm is used to share the spectrum by avoiding interference with other radio frequencies and thus making an efficient uitlisation of radio spectrum.

Applications/ Advantages of Cognitive Radio

  • Less costly since only a few number of parameters need to be considered.
  • Advanced network topology is used here.
  • Less disturbance in communication by providing good link reliability.
  • Future enhancements like Cognitive car,Cognitive radar,Cognitive computer which are related to sensing external actions can have many applications.


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