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The generation of internet users is not a more violent gneration

Updated on December 7, 2012

As the inter net began public service in 1991, according to World Bank, Public data on Google, the authorities over laws and regulations have grown and shaped America. Many questions arise in its purpose and effects on who interacts with it. Certain arguments have risen in the last decades as subject matter which has been well researched into summerizable points. Don Tapscott is one author who has written books of the topic of the generational effects that the inter net imposes. His theory involves the generations which grew up using the inter net. One of six of his main arguments outlined in an essay I read, based on the book Growing Up Digital, conclude that the " Net Generation is more violent". I argue against this theory to state this as my main point: That we a generation of inter net users are not more violent than the generations before ours. The effects of violence can not be a result of technology alone. I intend to show how these effects are known and brought into the public controversy for the purpose of this author's expressionism.

I believe that patience is a virtue, a person cannot have patience if their outer world is surrounded in chaos. For the last 20 years, as the Internet grew in users and with more web site servers, the war in the Middle East continued. More troops were being deployed, the questions over religious practices between Christians and Muslims and other Muslims with Muslims became the explanation that would give us the reasoning for warfare. Without fully understanding what war it is we are fighting internationally, and what progress we are making as a country either online or in the community, I do not think people can understand their virtues. Not even the CIA’s web site can explain all of the political arguing and control being lost throughout the world where real violence is occurring. It does explain who is out there across Africa, and in Middle Eastern countries, but there may be no better effort of those public billionaire like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg to explain how the web with all of its services can be helpful in understanding that we are not more violent as a generation. It will take an outright international peace effort like Occupy to connect to those wealthy individuals who have the sustained the knowledge of how to piece our society back together. Violence being at a greater rate in the Net Generation may just be the frustrations of the diseased, and sickened public unable to defend their mental capacities in a state of vitreous existence.

People of my generation are not easily understood by myself. It is scary to figure out what is wrong with the world what is right with the world. Our media products like movies, radio, and TV are a reflection of the communicated reason we all know and relate to. Violence in its tendencies which seem to seep into the mind are likely derived out of two sources. The sources inside of us, by how we think and believe or what we believe in like God and the United States of America and freedom and respect for others. The second would be what is outside of ourselves and how it influences us and how we strive to interact more with what we see, hear, feel , and know as our culture.

At one point what questioned the connection between media violence to be influential occurrances on youth was the concern made from citizens to the government. In the last 20 years the media violence found in cartoons has been on a decline. On, the article A History of Cartoon Violence explains, " there has been a noticeable decline of cartoon violence since 2001." Just as one of my favorite TV shows, The Simpsons created by Matt Groin, has been on the air in this time, their effort has been to transform the media outlet through animation. One episode in Season three (1994), shows the tactile mind I have described. Early on there TV history the show starts as an TV announcer claims World War Three outbreaks sending the family: Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa, and Maggie running out of their home and into their underground bomb shelter. Finding out that this was all a hoax the Simpsons return to leave and climb the staircase back into the surface again.

Mother's Against Video Game Violence web site, (MAVAV), shows there is current research which gives evidence that digital video games can be linked to the functioning of the brain. The Indiana School of Medicine shows that kids who play video games with violent themes have "a corresponding decrease of activity in areas of the brain involved in self-control, inhibition and attention." While this may be real for many reasons, I think it just like the research that shows that Baby Einstein videos can cause ADHD in children. I lean closer to my child watching the educational videos for the emotional stimulation which is supposed to be linked to social growth, not attention loss. However, I allow my kid to watch all kinds of cartoons and visit the media conglomerate web sites which owns and markets the visual time that offers free on-line gaming. Still I can attest, my 5 year old son has developed with both sources of educational products and cartoon containing violence that tells a story. His symptoms and problems with behavior are still likely to have effected him as a result of his genes.

What is considered by the research participants in Don Tapscott's as a more violent generation opinions are the event of serious disturbances in our humanities. Epidemics like the AIDS outbreak have killed up to 35 million people by 2010. That is more people than the number of people who died in the Holocaust and World War One all together. This is not due to violence, but the dangerous interactions of socializing which connect the sexual deviance and addictions to intervenes drugs. While we as a generation want to grab on and socialize more, we have already suffered many pains in attempting to dull down the young in the generation and create entertainment. Our generation is not without better resources but, unaware of how to be useful in a healthier way in a more effective manner.

What may be scary about the Net Generation is the increase in addictions. Internet Addiction Disorder( IAD) is a serious occurring disorder. Help gives information relating to this disorder. A collection of authors: Susan Saisan, MSW, Melinda Smith, MA; Lawarnce Robinson; and Jeanne Segal,PhD write that there are 5 major types of Internet addiction. They are cyber-sex addiction, cyber-relationship addiction, net compulsions like gambling online, information overload, and computer addictions. Likely causes of some computer users experiencing Internet addictions and the addictions to pornography are unhealthy feelings of stress, lonliness, depression, anxiety and boredom. Free forms of pornography are available on the web without regulation of our government. The ideas of sex and violence seem to go hand in hand. Sexual Recovery Institute and Cognitive Behavior Therapy are some resources used for treating Internet and sexual addictions.

Drug use seems to contribute to violence more than technologies. Yet some technologies seem to contribute to more drugs being mass produced and available to a mass public. Just as criminal have learned to communicate their criminal intentions through computers. So have the United States authorities and other countries have learned to communicate their effort to fight crime. Crimes and violence are not intended to be blamed on education and humanitarian efforts to offer world communication. It was Lyndon B. Jhonson in 1965 which enacted the National Endowment for the Humanities to protect the publics right to learn about world arts and cultures. Somehow Michelle Obama’s effort to encourage school aged kids to “Eat their Vegetable", is not as strong a message as Nancy Reagan’s “ Say No to Drugs" in the 1980‘s.One study found that women who reside in households that earn less than $10,000 annually had a four times greater risk of experiencing violence than women in wealthier households. (Browne, Salomon & Bassuk (1999) )

According to Schwartz & Gorman 2003, " Community violence was moderately associated with poor academic achievement in children."

Not just economic status effects how Internet users receive its influence. While the web itself is addicting, other causes of violence in Internet users may be drug use. Harry Anslinger, former commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, is quotes to have said this: " Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind." In the last decade as drug war has been ongoing between citizens in Mexico and the State of Texas. Some of the most horrific violence occurred in several different locations on both sides of the borders. The fighting over profits from the sales of the illegally trafficked drugs left dead bodies littering public roadways, bridges, and sometimes dumped in broad day light. Press syndicates like CNN show it is not the fault of the Net Generation, or Internet use but Mexican drug cartels. As most teenagers experiment with drug use, it is not know by them the violence endured in bringing the drugs into the United States is associated with its use. The link between teen violence and their drug use may be where those drugs come from and who controls it. Drugs just like violence do not belong to control society.

The era of the public camera is an effective tool in documenting what events occur and is a prevention tool. If we are a more violent generation, then we have shown more evidence to document that violence and deal with it differently than did other generation. What is real about the Net Generation is that we make useful out of what we have. In his book Don Tapscott shows that an inter net user can schedule their entire day around the use of its technology. The person shows that they wake up with a digital alarm clock in their phone. They can call their parents, in another state, using Skype and talk face to face. After this they can go for a drive and get instant direction via GPS. A workout in the gym is now time to hang out in cyber space with an IPAD. I have used these type of technologies for several years, and it is common to do so. Being organized by technologies may distract people’s personal manners, but I am sure it can lead to a better world.


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