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The genius behind the company

Updated on December 9, 2012

Steve Jobs

Apple, Vision, Genius, Steve Jobs

Genius, vision and leadership are tremendous qualities that are very rare to find in individuals and when we find our lives enhanced by the visions and ideas of others we seem to benefit and integrate the technology into our lives as if it was there always. The reality is the technology we grow accustomed to is the extension of others who have a dream, an idea and a belief they can make it happen. We don't know sometimes how that vision is sparked and we realize that technology is always changing. I believe a great deal of the technological innovations we have grown accustomed to are the result of the advancements stemming from our space exploration programs. Satellite transmission is the method for which we communicate and NASA developed programs as early as the late 1950's and early 1960's. The first ever launched satellite was Sputnik 1 in 1957 by the Soviet Union. Since then Satellites have been launched and are orbiting space for various reasons and we rely on them every day for all our modern conveniences.

The technology that has revolutionized the computer industry and lead to the advances in circuitry and micro miniaturization resulted from the efforts of the engineers, scientists, astronauts and leaders responsible for the growth of the space program. The personal computer came to be a mainstay and something every family had to have over the years and that vision was apparent to Steve Jobs who launched with co founder and friend Steve Wozniak Apple Computer, the company responsible for bringing these computers to the people. It was 1976 when the two joined forces to start developing their first computer. It was a company that would eventually go on to change the course of history and enhance the lives of ordinary people with the incredible array of products offered that were always cutting edge.

Steve Jobs launched the Macintosh computer in 1984 to amazing fanfare and with an advertising campaign all his own. He was an innovator and a tremendous business man who seemed to always be one step ahead anticipating what the market wanted. It was not always perfect at Apple and their were power struggles and financial turmoil at times. In late 1985 Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, the company he created to launch a new company, Next Computer with the eventual financial backing of billionaire Ross Perot, which was designed to develop computers for high end users including academic institutions to simulate learning outside of the textbook and into a kind of virtual lab enhanced by the computer technology. He also focussed on the software end developing the technology he would eventually use in his second run with Apple.

Steve Jobs was all about creating new and interesting products that made the users happy and content and he was always looking ahead for the next great thing. In the years he had been away from his former company, Apple Computers he was involved in the purchase of George Lucas graphics company, The Graphics Group in 1986 which was renamed Pixar Animation under his direction and was the studio that developed the animated film gems Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 2, Cars, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up and Toy Story 3. It continues to create and develop fun and highly successful and entertaining computer animated films loved by all. He became the creative force behind the company just like he did at Apple and when Disney bought Pixar in 2006 in an all stock transaction worth around $7 billion he became the largest single shareholder of Disney and a multi billionaire.

The other computer company Steve Jobs went on to create, Next Computer was sold to Apple Computer and it played a pivotal role in the next generation of Apple related products which was based on the software designs developed and created under Steve Job's watch. He sold Next Computer to Apple in 1996 and he started his second tenure at Apple where he really shook things up with his vision and his fresh new ideas. He made revolutionary changes in the fields of computers, music, communications, electronics, film, entertainment and education.

The iPod released in 2001, took Apple into another direction that paved the way to Apple's historic rise in the media and entertainment industry. The iPod has continued to evolve from its original design becoming more sleek, compact and with a mega memory with a mini design concept. The music in this format launched iTunes where the music could be downloaded commercially and launched a whole new way of marketing music to the masses. It revolutionized how we store and listen to music and it became a popular gadget for young kids and their parents as well. Since 2004 the iPod line dominated the digital music market with a stake greater than 90%. Steve had such vision that he decided he would combine and integrate this technology in a phone and a new line of product evolved known as the iPhone. The first launch for the iPhone was in June 2007 and it is a multimedia device functioning as a phone, a video camera, a digital camera, a digital music player based on the iPod. It is truly an amazing piece of technology and it just is astounding how one man had been so instrumental in changing the whole concept and design of these electronic media devices and making it so accessible, functional and necessary.

The iPad is also a computer that is a tablet that integrates the same technology as the iPhone and the iPod and is a multi media device used with computer applications, media applications, gaming applications, music applications, digital photography and video applications and web applications. It is also a powerful tool that many people have integrated into their life and its first launch was in April 2010.

Steve Jobs was adopted when he was a baby and he went on to become an inventor, a visionary, an entrepreneur, a business leader, a multi billionaire and a man who changed the world with his ideas and his vision and he was the driving force between 3 major companies that have all experienced success and set the standard. Steve Jobs attended one semester of college at Reed College where he admitted to survival instincts while selectively sitting in on some classes during his tenure at the school and he credits the calligraphy course he sat for as being instrumental in his ideas with setting font selections and to help him find inspiration in helping to revolutionize computers as we have grown to learn and use in our daily lives.

We have lost a great leader and a man with great vision on October 5, 2011. Our world has benefited in ways we can't even imagine and the technology we have grown to live by is largely in part due to Steve Jobs and it just seems like we are so attached to his products that we all have benefited from his genius and his vision. He has left behind an empire and a legacy that we will see throughout our lifetime and we will never find someone with such vision.

The world is a better place because of Steve Jobs, Apple and Pixar.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Steve Jobs touching speech


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