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The grey areas of information technology!

Updated on September 24, 2015

cyber crimes.

Be cautious before surfing in social and financial sites!

What we gained is instant communication but what we have lost is human relationships.

Technology has made our life easy and comfortable. We need not stir from our room or desktop. Every thing possible under the sky is executed by the wonderful internet. Previously, for each task, we need to go to different places in time, wait in long “Q” and complete any transaction after couple of hours. Whether it is banking, post office or paying bills for various services, it was really tiresome. Only one work can be undertaken in a day due to traffic problems, time constraints, office duties and many such limitations. There was lot of risks in each such errand. Going out by elders nowadays is highly risky. Moreover there were due dates for bill payments, otherwise you have to cough up fines also.

Shopping too has been made easy by online orders on e commerce sites. Many governments in the world have adopted e governance for the convenience of its citizens. All these things have made the life of middle class man more comfortable. Of course connectivity is a taboo in many places on earth due to acute poverty and paucity of basic necessities of life like food, clothing, water and medicines. Sadly many people are living in refugee camps all over the world due to civil wars and rebellion etc. The cheapest mode of communication is a mobile phone which could be obtained for even 15 dollars. But many of our poor brethren could not afford even for such essential gadget.

Having dwelt on the positive aspects of information technology, we need to think about various negatives in instant communications. First of all, human relationships have dwindled to low ebb. We constantly communicate by mail or chatting. The human interaction is missing. Dealing with computer applications, we too have become a robot so far as our family and friends are concerned. The mail and message culture sans the customary addressing have become like telegraphic messages of yore.

The freedom with which youngsters access the net has developed daring interactions with unknown people in social sites like face book, twitter and other such big sites. Many have lost their money and peace of mind in net access. There are luring advertisements in every nook and corner of the web which force every youngster to try something new and the list is endless. Many participants are subjected to browbeating by bullies; many are trapped in fraudulent sites. Some of the websites have become crime centers which attract anyone to fall in the trap. In the quest of easy money, many people reveal their personal data with the result they are made pauper in no time. Cyber crime has become a major issue in every country. Besides this many terrorists are luring young unwary persons into their organization.

Now the Police and crime branch personals are breaking their head to track the unknown, anonymous criminals behind the laptops or tablets. Hence cyber security has become a global problem. Mainly governments, banks and business people spend substantially to keep their servers safe from intruders. But these unknown criminals are outwitting government agencies to eavesdrop in their sites and steal vital data. Defense, space programs, automic energy establishments, has become easy targets. The stock markets have become vulnerable to such threats. Many people are risking their money and lives when transacting with such sites thinking that such sites are secure. Of course many layers of security have been incorporated in financial and defense sectors.

Hence the initial euphoria of information technology has changed to fear of losing vital data. There are already media reports on large scale data loss everywhere. Of course there are sleuths in every administration who patch up these loopholes as soon as they find something amiss. Hence the risks are more compared to the advantages. Hence beware of the snoopers in every single site!

Beware of using credit cards on-line!


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