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The hazard of blogging

Updated on December 25, 2010

I guess there are millions of bloggers out there. In my country alone, Indonesia, it is estimated around 1 million bloggers are writing their posts every day. And the numbers are showing an increasing trends. But, it seems that this enjoyable and addictive activity has some bad side effects that most people are not aware of.

Do you know that without you're realizing it, blogging can ruin your life. Of course you're life isn't going to fall apart instantly but by spending more time in front of the computer to post (that's what most blogger do), you will gradually decrease your time to interact with people around you. I know a guy who works in a company and is a blogger also. He spent 9 hours working from 8 to 5 and got home at 7. Spent some time with his kid for 2 hours, and after that looking at his computer screen for 5 hours! He even uses his lunch break to browse blogs.

Blogging can also make you end up in jail. Some countries are limiting the bloggers to express their ideas. The countries that I know that have laws regulating blogging activities are Singapore, China and my country Indonesia. There was a guy in Singapore who was arrested because of his aggressive post on his blog that criticized his government. Indonesia also has recently enacted a law that will give punishment to blogger(s) who post article(s) that are offensive or can create "social unrest" - what ever that means!

Another danger of blogging is that this activity is bad for your health. It even can kill you!. People who are addicted to blogging will spend hours in front of the computer. Sometime they even forget to eat or eat junk food when they remember to do it. The consequences are very clear. Health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure even heart attack can come anytime. And do you still remember the guy mentioned in the The news indicates that the two guys died because of their blogging activities.

To put it short, blogging hazards such as health disorder, punishment threat and ruined life are clear and present danger that every blogger has to be aware of. It's impossible for people to stop blogging, but at least they can consider the potential hazard when they blog or going to start blogging.

Happy blogging!


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    • emievil profile image

      emievil 8 years ago from Philippines

      Wow. this hub was written like over a year ago but I'm glad I read this. I'm a new blogger (as in doing it for less than one month) and I can see I really have to carefully consider its hazards, as well as its benefits. Thanks doji.

    • profile image

      MOmmagus 9 years ago

      LOL, maybe we should start a bloggers anonymous!!!!!!

    • dojimonster profile image

      dojimonster 9 years ago

      Glad you like it Raven :)

    • Raven Emrys profile image

      Raven Emrys 9 years ago from Salisbury

      As someone who blogs daily, I have seriously wondered if I have become a blogaholic... and I fear that may indeed be the case.

      Thank you for this great blog. Sometimes one needs a jolt of reality to shock them into action. I think I am going to try to cut back on my hours committed to blogging!