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The history of Seventeen magazine thrue the years (1944-1949)

Updated on February 14, 2013

Seventeen magazine was first started in order to show teen girls that they too have the power to be themselves and do good things for themselves and their community in general. It is a magazine that would attract happiness, it would annoy, please or perplex readers. Seventeen magazine was a magazine that spoke to young teen girls telling them that if they want to be someone in life and that if they want to succeed in what they want then to go for it and to start thinking about it now. It also told teen girls to speak up and to not be afraid to express what you feel or your opinions about the magazine.


This was the year the magazine started being published and started to sell its first issue it also covered situations that many high school girls think about or face because let's face it when you are in your teen years you want to begin to know more about boys and discover what real life is all about it's a part of growing up and that's what makes life so amazing.


The April 1945 cover of the magazine was all about girl meets boy issue it was a guide for girls to know more about guys and how to socialize with them something that has not changed about the magazine are the quizzes and trivia part. The difference was that it also offered a hows your menu technique? this part was engaging because it gaved girls the opportunity to find out what their ordering personality was.


During World War II in June of 1945 seventeen magazine decided not to have a model for the cover instead since they knew that the end of the war was important there was a letter on the front pleading the people of America to purchase war bonds for the return of the soldiers that where in war fighting. It also had war time advice for girls who were dating a guy who was in the army for example one of the answers that was most asked at that time was "If johnny is fighting overseas what kind of Christmas present would be better for him?" the answer to that question was that guys in the navy what they want most are three things foot powder, saddle soap, or sun lotion to protect their skin.


World war II had just finished when the March issue came out and it basically talked expressed about all the goodness that girls want to do in their community and in the red cross and about welcoming all of the soldiers that came back home from the war. For the dating advice part it offered some words that girls can tell to their boyfriends to make them feel welcome and appreciated of all the hard work they have done like "you have the hands of a doctor they feel strong and efficient" try to tell that to one of your guy friends these days just to see how he reacts.


Seventeen magazine was again back with having a model in the cover of July 1947 which depicts a girl wearing a bathing suit and a swim cap which were in style back then but a lot of things have changed since then the pages of this issue contained some advanced square dancing steps that girls were able to try in order to improve on their square dance which was way popular back in the 40's. Seventeen also had some modern art lessons from some of the famous historic hotties such as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse.


April of 1948 was an issue that bought a lot about vintage fashion outfits that were in season on that time for girls to wear. The model shown on the cover shows off a classic yellow colored rain slicker, some red wellies shoes and the girls most favorite accessory a cute guy with an umbrella on hand on a rainy day it also shared with readers some of the cutest dresses for spring that were in style along with some DIY patterns that you can stitch on your favorite dress. By the way DIY is still popular today in the fashion world.


Everyone knows that the fourth of July is all about going swimming, sailing, sunning, and bathing suits that was what the issue for July was all about it also had tons of tips on how to organize your dolls. Another thing that has not changed from the magazine was that a lot of readers would send letters asking on how they can become models or that they want to be airline hostesses.


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    • spotlight19 profile image

      Jennifer Pena 4 years ago from California

      You welcome i really like this magazine a lot and it was really interesting to know that even teen girls from back then knew how to have fun and to share their opinions to have a voice.

    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 4 years ago

      Wow. I appreciate the insight into Seventeen magazine. I've been reading this magazine for years now, and I never really considered the history behind it. Thanks for the great hub!