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The iPhone 4 Guide: Features, Desgins and Specifications

Updated on June 6, 2011

It’s also known as the iPhone 4G and iPhone 4.0

As Apple says ‘this is the phone that changes everything again’ we are going to take a look at the new features on the iPhone, some you may have heard of because it was leaked a while ago when a Apple employee left it in the toilet.

The Features

New Camera/Face time

Now the iPhone has a camera in the back and front, which means you can video calls, it can be done over wifi. The camera at the back can be used for other purposes such as capturing and recording those precious moments in life.

5-Megapixel Camera and LED Flash

For those that don’t know what 5 megapixels is, it’s very high quality you can get camera’s that are 5 megapixels and apple gives it to you on the iPhone 4, just in case you were worried about getting blurry pictures, it’s also built in with flash LED so you don’t need much lighting to get great quality photos.

·         You can see yourself to take easy self portraits

·         You can tap the iPhone 4 to focus photos

·         Easily share photos with mobile me or put it on Facebook and Twitter

iPhone 4 HD Video Recording and Editing

With the iPhone 4 you can shoot your own HD Videos and you can edit with the cheap iMovie app that’s coming soon. You can also make self portrait videos very useful for you-tubers on the go or if you want to send a personal birthday message, it’s great.  You can control the focus by zooming in and out, the video make can be edited and sent as a message.

·         You can choose to focus on Background or Foreground

Take a Look at the iPhone 4!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A photo inside the iphone with Steve Jobs Credit: James Martin/CNETCredit: James Martin/CNETCredit: James Martin/CNETCredit: James Martin/CNETCredit: James Martin/CNET
A photo inside the iphone with Steve Jobs Credit: James Martin/CNET
A photo inside the iphone with Steve Jobs Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET
Credit: James Martin/CNET


Now with the iPhone 4 you can multitask, so for example you can listen to audio in the background while you play a game, check your email or browse the internet.

You can also pick off where you left off, if you’re in the middle of a game and you get an email, or your hopping in a bus or car, you can simply pause and resume when you're ready.

·         VOIP calls while using other apps is now available, so software like Skype can be used while you are emailing, doing the numerous activities on the iPhone.

·         Quick apps flip- it’s easier to flip through apps now just go to the homepage and double click the running apps, yep that simple.

·         Run programs and Downloads in the background

·         Use GPS on the background, for example you can listen to music while getting directions.

Retina Display Feature

If you were ever in a position where the words are too small or you want to see better detail on a picture you just double tap and the new retina display feature a high resolution zoom in to the detail, it can be used for web surfing, pictures, videos and emails.

The New Designs of the iPhone

·         The iPhone 4.0 is stronger with engineered glass, its 30 times harder than plastic, but don’t be fooled by the flashy words, if you drop it, its will break just like the iPhone 3g.

·         Stainless Steel Band on the side of the phone looks good and acts as the phones antenna.

·         A4 Processor- this is the chip that runs the iPhone that gives it the multitasking functions and battery life.

·         Gyro and Accelormeter- it’s the only phone with a built in three axis gyroscope, I have no idea what that is but it sounds amazing. It is built to enhance the gaming experience.

·         This iPhone has to microphones, which is used to reduce background noises to make phone calls easier.

What Do You Think of the Iphone 4.0

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    • profile image

      luigino0911 7 years ago

      This iPhone is awesome, But things will probably keep getting better.

    • tthudium profile image

      tthudium 7 years ago

      I want one... lol

    • skmania1 profile image

      skmania1 7 years ago from Bangalore

      iphone4 will rule the mobile world in few days..The newly added features making it more crazy..