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The importance of looking good

Updated on July 31, 2016

Like in nature, websites need to look good if they want to survive. Here is how.

If you decided to enhance your website with photos, video or music, there are several ways of substantially improving its looks and not spending half your budget on it.

Every year we see new elements and styles in website design. That’s why if someone says about a site today: “oh, those graphics are so 2015…” the remark must be taken seriously.

Some visual elements, when used thoughtfully, can help explain your business, others can help improve how content looks on a specific device. That’s why it is wise to keep eyes open to new trends because many of them have the potential to improve your visitor’s experience.

Video hosting platforms offer innovative ways of being up to date without consuming all of your time in trying to follow the new trends.

Here some ideas of what path to take to beautify your site and, by doing so, improve your SEO.

  1. 1. Photos in creative displays

-HTML5 slideshows

By adding HTML5 image slideshow to your site you will enable users to browse through multiple photos without wasting much of your page space. This feature does not serve merely as an appearance booster but also enhances website SEO, traffic and user experience.

It invites your visitors enjoy your attractive and engaging rich media presentations that will promote discussions and increase the time spent on page.

An example:Cincopa's HTML slideshow

This amazing technique will make your site stand out in original yet professional ways. There are elegant ways of letting images tell, and some companies have ready to use templates for this purpose.

  1. 2. Video that will not be unseen

-Video skins

Regarding your portal, skins can be used in order to show your interactive collections online. These can be done in mosaic preview style, custom thumbnail dimensions, pagination, various transitions and interactions such as loop mode, shuffle mode, always on top video… as well as tags, SEO fields, direct editing of the CSS code…

-Video galleries

Video galleries are extremely helpful to publish and manage online video content. You can add a control panel, display categories, titles and descriptions, grab more attention from viewers by featuring and highlighting video assets. More advanced features include pagination, custom thumbnails and controls, video length, branding with your own logo and watermark.

Here a nice example:

-Background videos

This new design feature is proven to be engaging. There are background slider skins that display full screen images and videos behind the main content of the site adding gorgeous visual effects.

-Feature videos

This, when done properly, brings great results when the aim is to highlight a specific use case and create leads through it.

These short videos are amazing at bringing your solution to life, and at the same time not overwhelming the visitor with a long experience that they must sit through. For example:

  1. 3. Audio that will be heard

The smooth combination of video or photos with music can bring a totally engaging result.

And luckily there are applications and templates to do so with no technical complication.

-Audio player skins

You can choose from a variety of these audio player skins, perfect to add all kinds of audio content to your website. It is also a good idea to add your logo or watermark in them.

-Podcast skins

They are more than audio players because they allow you to publish your content directly to iTunes and other platforms and permit your users to subscribe to your podcast from your site using those skins, for instance.

Slideshow for website



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