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The lack of good Group Webcam Chat sites

Updated on April 11, 2015
A good chat is hard to find
A good chat is hard to find

The lack of good Group Webcam chat sites has led many people for look for other relatively efficient options to chat with their loved ones and business associates. Not only does video chat help connect business people and relatives, it also makes it a lot easier for messages to be passed and makes communication even more effective. Having said this, there are a number of services that have allowed people engage in Group video chat LIVE without necessarily downloading any heavy application or software. In actual fact, with some few clicks, one can be connected to as many as 200 people and the best part of it is that many of these services are available for free.

Google Hangouts

This service probably needs no introduction as it has gained so much popularity since it was launched in 2011 that one wonders if it has just been around for that short while. It is not just an easy to use service that allows video chat with anybody anywhere across the globe, its many other features make it stand out among such other services. All it requires is to have a Google account and it has been made easily accessible as opposed to its initial stage where it was only a part of Google+ as the app is now available on Apple and Android devices. It however requires a browser plugin for it to work and people can be easily invited to join the chat just as easy as sending an email. Additional features include sharing desktop, built-in drawing, and supports screen sharing among others.

Facebook Video Chat

Since its introduction in 2011, this service has been able connect millions of people across the world using arguably the most popular social media network. It is simple and can be used by virtually anybody and just like the Google Hangouts, it does not require you to download any heavy software or application and you can connect with your friends, after you have downloaded the browser plugin. This service might not come with the many heavy tools associated with other video chat services, but it built-in friends list ensures that you do not have to re-add or invite friends to have a chat with them.

Being powered on the back of Skype means that Facebook users can easily initiate video chats with Skype desktop users and considering the many features of both services, it is a great benefit to have such an addition. Besides getting seamless video chats with the person at the other end, the Skype additions allows for the sharing of screens and HD calling, and Webcam Group Chat as long as an HD webcam is attached to the computer.


This service tilts towards videoconferencing than video chatting but with the features it possesses, it is only normal that it receives the accolade of services that have been chosen as a result of inadequate good group webcam chat sites. This service allows for as many as 200 people to be involved in a particular group video chat live simultaneously and to imagine that this is available at no cost is simply amazing. Once the plugin is downloaded to the browser, users can use this great service for free except that the recording feature would not be available unless the account is upgraded to either “Pro 25” or “Pro 200”. This upgrade allows you to record the video chat and you can always play it back especially for references. The videos can also be shared on YouTube, while other features like screen sharing, uploading of presentation, are also available.

This service is particularly designed for persons that find the other services mentioned above a bit too technological. This does not necessarily mean that it is easier to use than the others; it only means that some somewhat complex features included in the other services might not be found here. It requires no download and it is very easy to use just like the others. One striking feature however is that you don't have to get people all using the same service or signed in to Google or Facebook for it to work as you only have to send them the link to get them into the chat. The link can be sent via SMS or email and once they click on it, they are immediately connected to the chat. The organizers of the chat have the liberty to approve or kick out any participant. Audio, video, and notes can be shared with members of the chat as long as Flash is available.


Millions of users worldwide have been able to connect with their associates, loved ones, and other such people thanks to the free chat rooms and video broadcasting services of TinyChat. It takes the click of a button to get the chat started and because the chat can be shared in Facebook and any other social media networking site available to the user, more friends can be contacted. By upgrading the service, you get access to camera filters and effects, high quality videos, and a host of others.


These are just some of the many alternatives to the relatively deficient group webcam chat sites. But there has been a new addition to the bunch and it is called Nterestin., is a website that allows for people to have a group webcam chat around the topics that matter. This free service is more than just a video chat service as it doubles as a social networking platform. Many issues such as #BlackLivesMatter, #HeforShe, #JeSuisCharlie have a chance to become a global conversation with LIVE real-time communication. Think of it as Twitter meets TinyChat, and the users on it finally have something to talk about.


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