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The latest of the iPhone Apps to Make Your Phone Even More Useful

Updated on October 18, 2011

Forty percent of all cell phones are smart phones and the numbers grow. Smart phones do just about everything and go wherever its owner goes and if you lose it, well, so goes your life, sadly. Soon, using a smart phone will allow one to make purchases in a store. It is all evolutionary and now a host of new apps will make the phone even better.

Skyfire is a new app that allows you to send info to FB and allows the iPhone to watch Flash videos that are found on most TV websites. Most websites access via the iPhone have flash and now your iPhone can, too!

GroupMe is an app that allows you to have a conference call with up to 25 using your iPhone as it tracks where everyone is-hmm, spooky! Text + is another app that puts a large keyboard in view as you type. Eliminates the little tiny keys.

Soundnote is unqiue because it records audio as you type. So as you type notes, you will miss some things, so just listen to it later and take your time making notes! This is excellent for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think lectures!!!!!!!!!!

Swiftkey allows you to connect to FB, Twitter, your email and makes typing with a iPhone much easier.

A very popular one, Instagram, makes sharing sooo easy with iPhone. Your photos easily go to FB, twitter, and is itself its own FB-like social network. Like a mini-Photoshop, you can even alter the photos with 24 filters! Sweet!


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