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The money potential in spam

Updated on January 12, 2010

Spam money

I refer to this as spam money because this spam is actually profitable. You receive spam through your email. Looking through it, you may find spam that is actually good for you. You may not realize it, but spam money is quick money. Contrary to popular belief, all spam is not bad. If you take the time to review your spam email.

You may see various offers within your spam email. Many of these offers are scams because they are in your spam folder, but some email may be wrongfully labeled as spam mail. I created an email account just to sign up for companies known for spam. Inside that email account, I created a folder called "Spam Money". My spam money account is for those opportunities that I feel is legitimate within my spam folder.

spam money
spam money

What not to do?

These are things that you should not do when trying to earn money with your spam.

Social Security Numbers- Never enter your social security number on any website until you fully research the website. If you can't find any information on the company, do not enter your social security number. If you find even the slightest amount of information that acknowledges the existence of scamming or identity theft, do not enter your social security number. If the website is legitimate, you may have an alternative such as entering your Paypal email or maybe waiting until you see results. Overall, do not enter your social security number in spam.

Paypal- If you have a Paypal account, you may want to be careful as to where you share your Paypal email at. Spam email is in the spam folder for a reason, because there is a suspicious feeling about the email. Although some may be legitimate money makers, spam can never be fully trusted. If you happen to come across some spam email that catches your eye, hold back your payment information until you start earning some money. Sometimes, a website will allow you to earn money and hold it until you are ready to enter your financial information. If this is not an option, research the website and find out as much information as you can. Don't rely on sales pages to find information about a particular website. They are only in it for affiliate commissions. Go to forum sites where there are no affiliate links within the post. Read established review sites that give honest reviews about websites and find out as much information as you can before you take the chance of entering your Paypal email information.

Bank Account Information- What website has ever needed bank account information? If they don't deliver money through check or Paypal then don't sign up for it. Most likely it will end up being a phishing attempt. You may find yourself losing a large sum of money within your bank account if you enter your information without doing research on the website that you are signing up for. Spam can't be fully trusted, as I've said before.

Too Good To Be True? Maybe Its Not?

Some things may sound too good to be true but they may not be. Some of these things may be true. People may go overboard with the title of emails to get you to view what they have to offer but its true. I found numerous websites that have been legitimate in my money making career online such as MyLot, Triond, even Hubpages. That's right! I found Hubpages through spam email.

Getting emails saying you can make a certain amount of money in a set amount of time? They may be on to something. They just want you to get the information, and allow them to get their affiliate earnings. Even though they are illegally trying to sell you something, that doesn't mean the product they are promoting is a scam. You just have to keep an open mind as to what you want to believe works. I'm not saying rush into the first money making opportunity that you find, I'm saying be open minded and explore all of your opportunities.

Spam Folder
Spam Folder

What to look for?

When going through spam, you want to look for something that you can find the most information on. This lets you know that the program you are using has become an established organization over the years. This also allows you to find out whether or not there has been a history of illegal or threatening activity within this website. You want to look for the website that asks for the least amount of information possible. You don't want to risk the chance of identity theft and any other misuse of information.

When signing up for programs that are located within the spam folder, never use your primary email. This is sure to cause problems because you will be receiving thousands of emails within your inbox and spam folder. Make sure you use an alternative email account for the spam money emails that you receive.

Entering false information to keep you safe

Its nothing illegal with entering false information within some websites to give it a test drive. If you find a sweepstakes for a gift card that you want, don't give out your personal information because you don't know whether or not the program you are signing up for is phishing for information. Again, use a disposable email account for all of the spam programs you will be signing up for, and create a spam money account for those emails that you may find yourself checking out in the future. It will save you a lot of time and stress. Remember a gift card could be used by anyone, and its not something people would I.D you for. Just make sure the information you enter those relate to your gender, meaning that the fake information you enter is the name of whatever gender you are (Ex:Mike-Male, Jessica-Female)

A Few Guidelines To Follow

Look out and learn about email scams. Review the Nigerian scam, and any other scam associated with spam and/or email altogether. The following video located to the right is someone telling about their experience with potential scams that occurred through their spam folder. This gives you an idea of what to avoid when using mail that is retrieved throughout your spam folder. Located below are a few more guidelines that will keep you safe.

  • Always Use Mozilla Firefox

When viewing spam, always use Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the safest web browser to use for anything, especially when opening spam email and other potentially dangerous digital content online. The WOT security will also prevent you from going to websites that will harm your computer and it will also let you know when someone is trying to penetrate your defenses and steal your information. You can also view the score cards of these websites and see why you were prevented from completely viewing the website or its content. Spam has the tendency of leading you to websites that distribute a lot of malicious codes to unsuspecting computers.

  • Create Email Account With Fake Information

When you create an email account specifically for spam, never sign up with your real information. Use fake names, fake locations, the whole nine yards. Using fake information for email accounts isn't gonna hurt anybody, but it will protect you. In case someone hacks into your email account due to the amount of spam that you are answering, they will get no important information on you at all.

  • Spam Is Only For Spam

Do not sign up for any website that you trust with your spam email. To prevent the loss of any financial or information of other importance, never sign up for trusted programs using a spam email account. This will surely lead to you having problems. Its best to keep the two separated.

  • Have Security Ready To Fight

Opening spam email is a dangerous playing field, especially for Windows users. Get your security software set up and ready to roll. The chances of receiving some malicious codes will be much higher because you are using spam. There are quite a few programs that will let you protect yourselves from viruses, spyware, malware, etc. Get virtual sandbox security free, as well as free antivirus software.


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    • mr williams profile imageAUTHOR

      mr williams 

      8 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Thank you OpinionDuck

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      8 years ago

      Mr W

      I agree with the suggestions in your hub.

      I am disappointed that no one seems to have taken advantage of these excellent tips.

      Many people can be helped by this info.


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