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The new Google Inbox - an organizers dream!

Updated on November 20, 2014
Pcunix profile image

I was born in 1948 and spent most of my career as a self employed computer trouble shooter for Unix systems.

It's not an upgrade to Gmail

Google's new Inbox is currently "invitation only" ( go to to request yours), but it doesn't seem to take long to get that, so I'd suggest doing it right now. It took less than a week for my invitation to arrive and my wife's arrived after just two days.

Don't worry, you do not have to give up Gmail - you can use Gmail and Inbox side by side, allowing a full test drive before you commit to anything. Inbox does not affect Gmail in any way. Your messages are not harmed, you won't lose anything.

The interface is very different

Google Inbox is clean and modern. Once you have your invitation, you can download free apps for your smart phone or tablet. These apps are good looking, but it does take just a little bit of understanding before you will understand how to use them to their best potential.

Screen shot of Inbox on iPad tablet
Screen shot of Inbox on iPad tablet | Source

Use Chrome on your computer

If you want to access Inbox from your computer, you need to use Chrome as that is the only supported browser right now. The interface is just as clean and modern as it is in the apps.

I prefer Chrome anyway, but even if this is all you used it for normally, there's nothing wrong with having another browser on your computer. If you love Firefox or Safari or something else, simply do not allow Chrome to be your default browser - think of Chrome and Inbox as though it were a standalone mail app.

Inbox on Google Chrome
Inbox on Google Chrome | Source

New features - Snooze and Reminders

Google Inbox adds two nice features and extends another that is already found in Gmail.

Snooze lets you take a message out of your inbox until some later date. Once you do that, the message no longer appears in your Inbox, but it will magically reappear at the selected time. This is perfect for email that doesn't have to be dealt with right now. It won't clutter your mail until you say that its time has come. You can also "snooze" indefinitely, though for that you would have to manually check your snoozed mail.

Reminders are just what they sound like. In Gmail, I'd often send an email to myself, but this is a much neater way to do it. Reminders can repeat and yes, you can "snooze" reminders!

Adding a Reminder to Inbox
Adding a Reminder to Inbox


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New Feature - Bundling

Bundling is the heart and soul of Google Inbox. It is similar to the category tabs that Gmail has now, with some important differences. Things that are bundled appear right in your Inbox: Promos, Social and Updates in the screen shots above are all standard bundles. You can remove any you don't like, but best of all, you can add your own.

Bundling starts by creating a tag or label, which of course you can already do in Gmail (and all your Gmail labels will be available in Inbox). If you add a filter rule to a label (see picture below) you have a choice of bundling it to your Inbox or not.

Adding a Bundle for
Adding a Bundle for

Once that is done, any new messages that match the criteria will show up "bundled" rather than scattered throughout your email. This means you can ignore them easily or open them to deal with them all at once. You can even dispose of them all at once - I often just sweep away many Promo emails after just reading the subject.

I have bundles for email from my wife and a few of my larger and more prolific customers. I also bundle invoices from the companies whose products I resell. Basically, anything that I'm apt to get more than once a day is a candidate for bundling. But it can also be used for less frequent items - you can bundle things up daily or weekly, too.

What you choose to bundle is up to you, but if you choose wisely, this is a very powerful way to organize your email for quick access and quick action.

It does take a few days to get the idea of it. I hope this brief introduction helps you see the potential.

5 stars for Google Inbox


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  • Pcunix profile imageAUTHOR

    Tony Lawrence 

    4 years ago from SE MA

    This is nothing to do with Gmail. It is entirely separate. It's not tabs, but yes, with Inbox you can bundle Twitter , HubPages or anything else.

  • CelebrateUSA profile image

    Ken Kline 

    4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

    Fascinating! I have tabs but I don't believe I have this. The tabs I have confuse me as the "forum" tab is not working and I don't know how to program it. This sounds much more intuitive than the tabs of "Primary, Social, Promotions and Forum". Personally, I really want a tab just for Twitter and HubPages. Perhaps there is a simple solution?

  • Pcunix profile imageAUTHOR

    Tony Lawrence 

    4 years ago from SE MA

    The bundling is important, but it cannot do it well without help from you. I recommend bundling a few things and just seeing how that goes - don't do too much all at once.

  • AliciaC profile image

    Linda Crampton 

    4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    Google Inbox sounds very useful. I especially like the snooze and bundling ideas. You've definitely piqued my interest!


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