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One thing about Windows 8 that irritates me...

Updated on January 22, 2013

Windows 8, released in fourth quarter of 2012 made some major headlines in the tech world. Some of them were good and some of them were bad. To be realistic, most of the bad reviews made by users were overly exaggerated.

I personally think Windows 8 has some good ideas and bold moves were made by implementing the metro UI.

The one thing that irritates me greatly is the inconsistency. More specifically the UI inconsistency. There are two drastically different user interfaces at play in windows 8. First is the windows 7 UI with minor modifications and second is the brand new metro UI. Not only they are two different interfaces, they do not get along with each other. Let me explain what I mean.

The conflict

Windows 8 works good and is usable, but it feels like an unfinished product. The metro UI is made for touch while the desktop UI is better managed with a mouse(or a stylus). Also why in the world are there two versions of the same utility? For example, a metro and a desktop version of windows update. (And that is just one example) Where is the integration? Where is the unity?

Why are there so few options in Metro? It looks great and all, but at certain times I feel like the interface is ideal for infants and not for grown adults. Also there are way too much empty space in most apps. Why not make metro so advanced that the desktop UI is not needed any more? (while not losing the identity)

What they should have done instead.

Instead of slapping the metro layer on top of windows 7 interface and shipping it, they should have "rewritten" the desktop portion so it is an 'Extension' of the metro interface. (visually and functionally) To be fair, there are numerous under the hood changes in windows 8.

Also this means that the metro portion needs to be made more advanced as well. They need to implement more ways to let the user control how applications behave. They need to focus on multitasking and smarter, faster app switching.

The metro utilities are a bit too elementary. Metro should behave more like an advanced UI while being touch friendly. More importantly, get rid of the desktop duplicates of metro utilities and add more advanced options to the metro utilities.

If the above is done, the need for the traditional desktop UI will be gone. Instead there will be a 'metro desktop' that is part of metro visually and functionally.


Other than that, Windows 8 is snappy and fun to use. I hope the next iteration of Windows will implement these changes.


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    • profile image

      Scot 4 years ago

      The problem is and always has been that when a company wants to force change they do it. They are competing with everyone else in the mobile market. This OS is great for the tablet/smartphone arena but for a true PC it has no functional use. Every review I read says you have to have the appropriate hardware to run this OS. This means hardware manufacturers have to change their equipment as well. I have used a brand new Windows 8 PC and it has more bugs in it than I can list from error messages to shutting down. From the repair standpoint, you cannot easily access everything that you need to in order to correct the problem. Again this means that those folks will have to change how a problem is resolved. I for one believe Change is not always good, as with anything Change should be done on an as needed basis. What is the need for change in Microsoft? To compete with the mobile market? Then write a software for the mobile market. Don't change your PC software to fit the mobile market and negate the PC market. I have yet to purchase a tablet because my smartphone is close enough. I have used tablets and to be honest, I would get an android based one over Microsoft any day. Microsoft cornered the PC software market for so long that they were sued for tyring to become a monopoly. They failed to jump on the mobile market properly and now they are trying to figure out a way to push people to buy only microsoft mobile products. I am sorry but Android beat them to the punch. Why can't they just accept it and be a monster of a PC software company and let Android and Apple have a piece of the technology pie in the mobile market?

    • hasben profile image

      hasben 4 years ago

      I highly doubt it would take more than one version to implement these changes. The only thing that bothers me are the inconsistencies. I understand what you are saying. All I am saying is they could have at least dealt with the issues I mentioned. Althought I agree, Full metro takeover can wait another version.

    • hasben profile image

      hasben 4 years ago

      @Bill. I said "the desktop as an extension of Metro".

    • profile image

      Bill 4 years ago

      You're not taking into account the fact that this is a transitionary OS. It's moving from one paradigm (Win32) to another (WinRT). This is a multi-step process that will likely occur over 2, 3, maybe 5 new versions. Each version increasing the functionality of Metro. They couldn't do everything at once, that would simply be too great of a change, so it's being done in steps. Your "annoyance" is understood and accepted as disadvantage of a multi-stage transition.

      Microsoft would not do what you suggest, because they're not making Metro an extension of the desktop, it's completely replacing it, over time.

    • hasben profile image

      hasben 4 years ago

      Yes I doubt it's the power consumption. Did it turn off suddenly? It also could be a heat issue.

    • Alphapx profile image

      Alphapx 4 years ago from Philippines

      I enjoy using my Windows 8 and the only problem is my motherboard. My CPU yesterday turned off without warning. I think it is the power supply problem.

      I am in doubt if this is because of high power consumption of windows 8 that destroyed my power supply.

      This new OS is so cool to me.