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The reason Apple to sell iPhone refurbished living dead in India?

Updated on May 5, 2016

The refurbished iPhone (refurbished) can help significantly increase Apple's market share in the second largest smartphone market in the world after China.

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  • Nearly half of India's population does not know what iPhone is

IPhone sales may be slowing on a global scale, but in India, the last quarter it achieved growth of 56% lightning speed. India became one of the rare bright spots in the statement of Apple's business. So do not be surprised when "apple defects" are cherished many big plans to market the fastest growing smartphone world, including the opening of retail stores and sells refurbished iPhone. However, it seems Apple's biggest hope is being hammered mercilessly.

Despite being "green light" to open retail stores in India, the Council and Mobile Communications countries vehemently opposed to Apple about selling the old iPhone used. According to Bloomberg, the Indian government has refused an application for entry of the Apple iPhone refurbished. But, according to Mashable's sources, no official decision has been made and the two sides are still in the discussion process.

A refurbished iPhone 5 of Apple.

Why Apple to sell iPhones used in India?

Indian smartphone market is the fastest growing and second largest in the world, right at the critical moment when all the other developing markets, including China, have saturated. Still, Apple's market share here is again one digit. The reason is because the iPhone price in India is very expensive, much higher than the price in the US and other markets. Most smartphones sold in the Asian country are less than 200 dollars, but also the cheapest iPhone price above $ 300.

To change this reality, Apple wants to bring the iPhone to more users. One of the solutions is selling the old iPhone used. Its plan is originally refurbished iPhone entry into India and then collaborate with manufacturing partners to "recycle" the iPhone right on Indian land.

refurbished iPhone good or bad?

The answer depends on who receives the question. 2015, the Ministry of Environment has refused a similar request, saying that the plan will increase electronic waste in the country. The Ministry believes that refurbished iPhone will end its life cycle and the landfill sooner an entirely new device.

Apple's rivals confirmed plans would adversely affect initiatives in India Make government, which encourages local businesses such as smartphones goods assembly and electronics. They feared India would become "landfill" Apple if "apple" is entered refurbished iPhone.

In contrast, Apple said that there is not much difference between the new iPhone and the iPhone completely used. According to the company, this kind every iPhone are the perfect components for reuse and other components have been replaced. The final version of the same quality with the new iPhone. We even have a new serial number and IMEI.

In other words, the iPhone has a life cycle similar refurbished new iPhone. Apple can reuse some components to help lower prices and cheaper iPhone. Apple often argue the iPhone also has a longer life cycle price smartphones from most other brands.

End of this story will be how?

One of the factors that can change the decision of the government could be Apple's commitment to "recycle" the iPhone in India. CEO Tim Cook last year met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to drawing board this. The main manufacturing partner, Foxconn, has several factories here.

However, it seems Apple is not easy to convince the Indian government approved plans to enter the iPhone through its use. Its competitors are looking for ways to prevent any attempt by Apple because if successful, it will impact negatively on their market share, particularly in the segment of mid-range to high-end.

If Apple is selling the old iPhone in India, the story of the iPhone here will follow the story of the iPhone in the West as a really dangerous player and "eat" the majority of smartphone profits.

Refurbished (refurbished) the types of goods for any reason, such casing scratches due to transportation, be returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will inspect, repair, quality assurance, packaging and then resold on the market. Customers Refurbished usually priced lower than 100% new (brand new).


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