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The reason your content sucks is distribution, fix it.

Updated on April 11, 2017

Stay the course

Distribution Is…

The most shocking thing that I discovered about producing amazing content and works of art and posting them online is that distribution will make you feel like shit, that is, if you don’t have it in place.

No matter how impressive your content. If no one knows of it, it sucks. Even if you post it on your social media. The people out there that will really and truly appreciate your work are hard to come by. These people exist, I promise. The challenge is finding them. No matter what, it will cost you expensively to find them. Wether it costs you time or money, it will cost you.

I recommend you use a combination of time and money to build a fan base. After years and years of trying and failing you will eventually arrive at a point where the second you post a new work of art, the response you get will be immediate. Your fan base will react. A fan base is simply people who pay attention to you. They don’t have to be die hard.

A fan simply needs to be responsive to your actions. A “fan” will acknowledge the fact that you did something. When you post online, a person who acknowledges your post on a consistent basis should be considered a fan. Say you sell online, if these people don’t buy from you, but they leave a comment, like, or share, they are a fan. If you post something they do not like, and they take the time to express that to you. They are a fan. The only qualification for a fan in my personal opinion is a person who consistently responds to your social media activities. It is very important to establish a strong definition of a fan.

As you start to distribute your content, you will notice a set group of people who continuously respond and engage with you. It will start out slow, but overtime will start to build. Stay the course. Don’t falter when you come across your first negative response either. There are two sides of the fan spectrum. Light and dark. Light is positive. Dark is negative. The types of people on the dark end of the fan spectrum are “trolls”. Trolls will engage with your content consistently. It will feel as though they are harassing you. In essence they are still fans. One in the same, only fans encourage and trolls discourage.

What I am saying is that your distribution platform is your fanbase. If you don’t already have a base of people who actively engage with you, you don’t have distribution. When you finally post something online, because of your lack of “fans”, you feel like shit when you get no likes, upvotes, points, comments, or shares. To build your fan base you need to continually posting, reaching out to people, and engaging in conversation. Advertise your posts too. When you advertise you use money to help you find the people who will engage with you in the future. It is an investment that will pay dividends if you remain consistent.

These are my random thoughts and discoveries. I am a truck driver who designs t-shirts for truck drivers in an attempt to fundraise to buy an 18 wheeler. I produce high quality funny videos to promote my works and I met a lot of challenges starting out. It was and still is really difficult to get the word out about my activities. If you are doing anything of value, it will be difficult. The challenges will be many, but stay the course.


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