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The search for the missing USB cable

Updated on September 23, 2011

The gnome and the USB cable

On a Friday in the month of September,
In a house of brick and timber,
Was a young lady trying to use a printer,

Much to her surprise her cables were missing,
She searched and searched from the ceiling,
To the basement, even the junk drawer in the Kitchen,

She searched many hours all over the house,
With of course the help from her spouse,
She even ask for help from her neighbor Mr. Brouse,

They all searched the old brick home,
The only explanation was a little gnome,
The gnome laughed as they blankly roamed,

The gnome had carried off the cable the TV,
The home owners were plagued by Mystery,
Suddenly the lady approach silently,

She had just heard something odd over here,
The gnome tried to be quiet as he sat in fear,
It was too late, in the that moment he was snatched by his ear,

She through the gnome in a plastic container,
She ran to the office to use her printer,
The gnome became a pet in the house of brick and timber.


Gnomes get blamed for everything

Sadly we all do blame gnomes for our missing socks and other items, however gnomes were supposed to be slightly mischievous that helped plants and trees grow. Which I guess explains why people put statues of gnomes in their gardens, I really thought it was because they looked funny.


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