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The Social Networking Death Match

Updated on April 23, 2012

Ok before i get on with my comparism, i would like to note a few things

  • Facebook current has more than 750 million active users (If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd most populated country in the world) . More than 50 percent of these users log on to Facebook in any give day.
  • Average users have 130 friends on Facebook and more than 2 billion posts get liked and commented on per day
  • There are more than 70 languages available on Facebook and more than 300,000 people help translate Facebook through translation applications

Ok well ya you get the point already-Facebook is super popular and they make huge amount(According to Time News feed as of 2009 it grossed more than $800 million from advertising tailored to Facebook users) . I should also point out the fact that Facebook runs a huge bandwidth bill so which every company intends to compete in the social network market must be ready to have the backing of a large capital.So why exactly would a company try to challenge Facebook for the social network world dominance? Well Google of course. Let look at this way: with the online advertising market, mail service in their grasp, acquisition of the social network would lead to supreme internet dominance.

Now a few facts about Google plus:

  • Google plus was initially launched on June 28, 2011 in an invite-only test phase. The was suspended two days later due to a large demand for accounts.
  • Two weeks after its limited release on July 14th, it was said to have had 10 million users and after 4 weeks of operation, it had generated 25 million users


Google + was made open to the public on September 21st, and i got join three days later. Well coincidentally, Facebook staff decided to give the site a new look( ok well not totally new, a few modifications just got made) and well i noticed it became possible to view your activities as soon as they do them on Facebook.There is also the case categorizing some of the posts on your home page as top stories even though i do not really get how that works. Anyways i got to join Google plus easily seeing as i already had a Google account (not it would be difficult if you do not have one though) and i was prompted to fill some crappy asking for more information about me.To make the long story short, i was really disappointed with what i saw. Do not get me wrong Google plus has some unique features compared to Facebook.. First of all, there is the circle where you can divide people into four groups: acquaintances, friends, family and following. The trick about this is that people in one group do not get see the people in your other group, so you can hide your following from your family, friends, acquaintances and vice versa. Another thing is the 'hangout'. Here you to video to chat with people within a particle circle typically you get to select . Maybe it is just me but i don't really see any other feature that is different from Facebook's. If anything, Google looks too plain and less attractive than Facebook. I mean in Facebook my wall and home page look livelier with my groups, favourite pages and events. Also the ads and the blue and white patterns added some form attractiveness to it. Also the chat on Facebook seems more convenient to me even though the Facebook chat hasn't being introduced yet. Ok well Google plus is still building up so i really hope to see more work done on the site.


Lets face it-people would forever be influenced by the dynamic market and what it offers but i honest doubt Google plus would be more successive than Facebook. For one thing Facebook came at that a time when the other social networks around where basically replicas of themselves and it stood out from the rest. For another thing , Google getting more users would not only affect Facebook, but also Skype and Twitter to some extent. I also noticed that you can not directly transfer your Facebook friends onto your Google plus account.

Don't get me wrong though i am a Google fan and i believe people's incentive to try out new things would sure get a crowd in Google plus, but the face still remains that people would stick to what they have held on to for a while, which is Facebook. So the theory that Facebook would end up like My Space and previous networks before it is bogus.


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    • profile image

      Derek Abel 6 years ago

      its going to be interesting to see the future of social media.

    • profile image

      manlalakbay 6 years ago

      I don't think so everything has its end. We can't say that no one can defeat Facebook because change is constant. Everything can happen even in blink of an eye. Anyway, nice hub! =)