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The Tool That Will Save Time and Nerves and Save Your Hands From Corns

Updated on April 30, 2019

The tool will save time and nerves and save your hands from corns

Even in the most comfortable apartment with all the comforts, sometimes there is a need for repairs. Assemble the new thing from IKEA, fix the loose door of the cabinet, disassemble the computer or home appliances for cleaning - all these actions can be performed with little effort using a Bosch GO electric screwdriver.


In a huge arsenal of power tools, Bosch GO occupies an intermediate position between traditional screwdrivers and the recently popular Wow stick-type screwdrivers. It has several levels of torque, is compatible with standard bits and is recharged from any source with a micro USB connector. The tool combines universality, power, and small size, which makes it indispensable for any minor repairs.

Package and design

Bosch GO comes in a small plastic box. It opens in the manner of a small suitcase. Inside there is a black tray, on which the screwdriver itself is located. In the front part there are several grooves to accommodate additional attachments, but only one cross-shaped bit is supplied with the gadget.

The screwdriver has a compact size: 18.2 cm in length and 3.8 cm in width. The body is made of solid plastic with corrugated rubber nozzles on the sides and rear. Attached to the back of the strap, which is worn on the hand.

Switching modes of operation occurs with a flat lever on one side. It has three positions responsible for clockwise rotation, blocking and counterclockwise rotation. With the coupling locked, the screw can be screwed in manually, which is useful if you need to exert a lot of effort without breaking the thread.


Before you start, you must move the mode switch up or down, depending on whether you are going to tighten the screw or unscrew. After that, the power should be set: the larger the screws and the harder the material, the greater the force will be required.

Align the bit with the grooves on the screw head and lightly press down the screwdriver from above. Her head will begin to rotate slowly at first, and then faster and faster. The device uses an electronic control system E-clutch, which instantly stops the rotation of the head at the moment when the resistance becomes too large. This prevents slipping the nozzle and erasing the slotted bit. Many will also like the presence of a clutch lock, thanks to which you can screw in several final turns manually.

In the process of testing, we noticed that Bosch GO has a fairly solid for its size power. On the one hand, this is good, as it allows you to cope even with difficult tasks. But for fine work to use this tool is not very convenient. Therefore, if you are looking for a screwdriver to repair smartphones and other miniature technology, this is definitely not a Bosch GO.


  • Voltage: 3.6 V.
  • Idling speed: 360 rpm
  • Maximum torque (hard / soft): 5 / 2.5 Nm.
  • The maximum diameter of the screw: 5 mm.
  • Cartridge for bits: Hex inch.
  • Battery capacity: 1,500 mAh.
  • Idling speed: 360 rpm
  • Rotation direction switch: Forward / Manual / Back.
  • Charging port: microUSB.
  • Weight: 280 g


Bosch GO will help out, if you need to tighten a lot of screws in hard to reach places, for example when assembling furniture. In this case, the gadget will save hands from corns, save time and nerves. Yes, and for any other repair is much more pleasant to use a cool tool, rather than the usual screwdriver.

Pros Bosch GO

  • Good appearance, durable case.
  • Build quality.
  • Compact size.
  • Big power.
  • Reliability guarantee from a reputable manufacturer.

Cons Bosch GO

Not suitable for small jobs.
No built-in backlight.


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