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The top 10 daily uses for Facebook and other Social Media

Updated on August 20, 2016
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L. Cargill, B.A., Sam Houston University, Huntsville, TX., has been writing cool and interesting articles for the internet world since 1995.

Stay in touch with Facebook and Social Media

Facebook is for staying in touch with everyone!
Facebook is for staying in touch with everyone! | Source

Old Friends and New Friends

Well, this should be a "duh". Social media was created for just this to assemble your friends in one place forever!

I created a couple of generic pages for myself on both Facebook and MySpace. The set up was easy and fun. After fooling with it for a few days, I kinda lost interest in the whole "social media" thing. Then one day I got an email from a very old friend that I hadn't heard from in many years.

That experience opened my eyes to the incredible possibility of getting back in touch with old classmates, old friends that I had worked with, and that led to, "Why not put my new friends there too?" I never knew I had so many friends! Now they are all available like my little portable phone book used to be, but ever so much more user friendly. I can see photos, and videos of my friends and I won't lose their contact information, ever!

Facebook seems to be the choice for family oriented people, MySpace seems to be the favorite of the younger crowd. But both are equally fun and useful.

It's a photo album!

One of the tabs in Facebook is labeled "Photos". I don't know how many photos Facebook lets you post, but so far, I haven't received a limit warning, so I'm guessing it's a bunch. And even if you run out on one account, it's easy to set up another account and double your storage space... for FREE!

If you just have to have a paper copy, feel free to print it out after you have organized everything and captioned everything and got your album just like you want it. I know one person that is chronicling her baby's first year in photos. She will print it out and bind it and keep it forever.  You can use good quality paper to print with and it will look very professional.

Social media excels as an event planner!

Having a party? How about a club meeting? Get those little leagues and sport practices together! Build a fan club! Announce your music recitals. The list goes on and on. MySpace has a particular affinity for local and garage bands and their live music gigs. Facebook seems to be the place for families to share invites.

Use your friends spot to send announcements and invites to everyone at once! Best of all, their contact information is kept in one handy spot! You can add notes about what went well and what can be improved.  You can share contact info for entertainment to hire at your next party.

Keep a Journal of your life!

Facebook and MySpace and other social media are a great place to write your journal. For one thing, it's free. These web sites can be all kinds of personalized. You can add your videos and share them, of course your photos, and you can insert commentary regarding special things you have run across.

If you go on a vacation, here is the perfect place to record your memories and refer back to them. Remember that special cafe in Paris? Record it here. Did you have a funny or embarrassing moment you want to recall? Did you have an epiphany in the Himalayas? Don't forget to write "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How"!

Play games on Facebook or MySpace

There are literally thousands of games to play on social media sites. There are forums, places to vote on stuff, places to learn about yourself (personality tests) and other interactive things to do. You can spend hours just building your farm! It's kind of like playing with a doll house.

I don't see how anyone can get bored with Facebook. It's my second favorite place to hang out on the web - after hubpages of course!

It's a constantly updated resume'

You can list every job you've ever had, what you did there, how you did it, what your skills are, who your references are and even your salary expectations. Loads of human resource managers are now looking at prospective employee's social media pages to see what kind of person you are. So be careful what you post to your pages!

You can possibly ruin some other person's life, so be responsible and don't disparage others. There is currently a lawsuit against some people for harming others via social media. So don't set yourself up for litigation. Remember the old saying, "If you don't have something nice to say about someone, then say nothing at all."

My mom always used to say, "Never do anything that you don't want people to see on the front page of a newspaper!". Good words to live by.

So many useful applications!

Here's just a small list of stuff:

  • Trip Advisor - Cities I've visited
  • Movie reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Sport Fans sites
  • Calendar
  • Family Tree - Genealogy
  • Polls
  • Yearbooks
  • Dog World
  • Music Fans
  • Birthday reminders
  • Create your own apps, polls, questions, forums, buzz

This would probably be a shorter hub if I did it on what you CAN'T do on Facebook, MySpace or other social media sites.

Live Chat!

Facebook has it's own chat program. You can chat live with your friends whenever both of you are online. This could save you a lot of money on phone calls!

There is even a video chat function, but I haven't learned how to use it yet. Both chatting computers will probably have to be web cam enabled. I don't think anyone wants to watch me in my jammies!

You can also use Facebook, MySpace, and other social media as your online email application and send and receive messages for free. This is very useful if your hard drive crashes and you need to recover your mail. You can't do that if you use an email application that resides on your hard drive.

It's an advertising venue!

If you have something to advertise - a business, art for sale, craigslist type items, a car wash, or whatever, you can buy very inexpensive ads that are highly targeted to a specific audience.

I've used these ads myself and got great results! I advertised my Medical Technologist T-shirts for National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week coming up in April! Go thank a lab tech for testing your blood and body fluids!

Facebook, MySpace and Social Media are for Sharing

Share stories, Hub Pages, eHow articles, your poetry, your favorite things, whatever!

Broadcast your political views!

Share your dieting goals and your hard earned achievements. Get support for your efforts from your friends.

Share you ideas for how to improve things like - public toilets - The doors should open OUT! Not in where you have to squeeze yourself between the toilet and the door in order to close the dang door! Who's stupid idea was that anyway?

Share you comments about social media below!

© 2010 Lela

Comments - What are some other things you can use Facebook, MySpace and Social Media for?

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  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Thank you ddlax and youngbestips. I appreciate the read.

  • youngbesttips profile image


    7 years ago from United Kingdom

    Nice article M'am

  • ddlax profile image


    7 years ago from Earth


  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 

    7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    Late for the party as usual, ok might make a facebook. It seems like a lot of work though!

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Just heard on the news that there is a Facebook virus to watch out for. Be sure to update your virus protection software!

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Just found a hub that relates to this one:

    I learned some new tricks!


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