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The top android homeschooling apps for 2012

Updated on June 19, 2013

The year 2012 was filled with a full range of emotions and memorable moments. However, it already passed, and we can sit but wonder what it has left us. Well, except anything else, Android grew bigger and bigger and developers blew our minds away with the variety of applications on the GooglePlay Market. And among them are such, which help with education of the young. This is why we've decided to go through the top android apps that came out in 2012 to search for the best homeschooling apps for android that came out this year.

Stack 'N Puzzles is a very fun game
Stack 'N Puzzles is a very fun game | Source
Extraordinary puzzles, which will engage the creativity of your child
Extraordinary puzzles, which will engage the creativity of your child | Source

Stack 'N Puzzles

This is an phenomenal children's puzzle game that takes the children through the adventures of Stack, the busy building beaver. There are many different puzzles included in the game, perfect for preschoolers and children in kindergarten. This may not be one of the top android apps made from Puzzingo, but it is certainly a lot of fun for the youngsters and also highly educational. Homeschool Helper - This application gives you the most valuable tools a homeschool parent or tutor needs. With a lot of instructional videos and samples, this is the best homeschooling apps, which let you keep track of your child's progress. It is fun and easy to use.

A great homeschooling app
A great homeschooling app | Source

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

If you want a delightful children's book on your tablet this is it. The book application features a lot of sound and tapable imagery, which will make reading time even more enjoyable for your children. If you are planning to put your Kindle Fire to Homeschool mode, this is the book to start with. Nowadays reading could be a lot more fun for kids, than it was before because the 'living' animated images and the sounds could capture their minds far more than a hardcover book can. And The Cat in the Hat is one of the best examples, definitely one of the greatest homeschooling apps.

A tetris-like puzzle word game
A tetris-like puzzle word game | Source

Mini Word

If your child is already learning the spelling of new words, this fun educational game is just for you. Available for free on both GooglePlay and Amazon Market, this app is perfect for the Kindle Fire to Homeschooling conversion. Without ads, this free game embraces the creative side of your child while teaching him to spell. The gameplay is Tetris-like as balls with letters in them are dropped from the top of the screen and your child should arrange them in words in order to eat them up. Very educational and fun to play Mini Word is a terrific homeschooling app.


Viewpoints: The Blue Jackal and the Lion

The extraordinarily neat picture book is an incredible interpretation of the original and creates a movie-like experience. This great addition to the book experience homeschooling apps is revered as a story for the first grades. However, the education qualities don't stop there. This is a fantastic homeschool app for graders 2nd and up as it provides the reader with a lot of questions for analysis. It will surely help develop the child's flow of thought and literature analysis and is a enjoyable reading comprehension. This is a definite recommendation and one of the best homeschooling apps.

Overall the Android platform is giving the developers the ability to provide us with tremendous apps. There are hundreds of helpful homeschooling apps, which you can find, and the aforementioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the transition from just a tablet, such as Kindle Fire to homeschool device has never been easier. Search the top android apps and find the wide variety of games, books and many more applications to help you with the homeschooling of your children.


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