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The transparent smartphone prototype is really cool

Updated on June 11, 2015

What if you could barely see through your smartphone? If Polytron Technologies has its way, it is possible.

The trend in smartphone industry has always been bigger and thinner displays with higher resolution. But now, Polytron Technologies, a Taiwan based manufacturer has released a futuristic-looking prototype of a smartphone with a transparent display. Although in its initial stages of development, this is going to revolutionize the smartphone technology like never before.

According to the developer, the phone uses an OLED liquid crystal display and the hardware is made from Polytron’s Polyvision Privacy Glass. This transparent display when switched off, turns opaque due to the scattering of the molecules. But when switched on, the molecules lines up to form texts and images.

The prototype has a dual-sided multi-touch display and having LED light and speakers. The prototype isn't completely see-through - the batteries and SIM card remain visible, as does the power button at the top but company is planning to cover the lower portion where the connections are made visible.

No operating system has yet been installed and the prototype is just merely a hardware. Polytron's general manager, Sam Yu told Macworld that, "All handset makers are looking to work with us. The technology is mature."

Polytron doesn’t plan to stop at smartphones only but it is planning to introduce a prototype tablet with a transparent display in the coming days.

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