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Keep Your Child Safe by Using This Search Engine

Updated on January 29, 2017


The internet can be a wonderful place for us and for our kids to learn new information or maybe acquire a new skill, however, every parent knows that it is a double-edged weapon. As useful as the internet can be, it can also be a dangerous place for young, naive kids. We have all had instances where inappropriate content would pop up while we are browsing even when we were not looking for it. How scary would it be if your child got curious and clicked on a pop-up that leads to pornography, or even worse, an adult chat room? the thought of it is horrifying. Even though parents do their absolute best to protect their children, we are still humans after all and having a child is no easy task. Many parents monitor their children's online activity but what if you have a tough job or a demanding baby that needs your attention too? wouldn't it be easier if you could just trust the search engine not to display anything inappropriate? It surely is ...and this is what I am here to provide!

"But I don't need a safe search engine, mom. I can't even read!"
"But I don't need a safe search engine, mom. I can't even read!"


KidRex is a cute search engine for kids from kindergarten age to 7 years old, it is powered by Google Custom Search and Google SafeSearch technology and It provides kid-related search results. It is safe to use as it detects inappropriate pictures, pages or content and deletes them from your child's search results. In addition to filters, KidRex has its own database of inappropriate websites which is maintained and tested daily to ensure the safety of your child online.


If you have basic internet knowledge, then you have already earned your masters in KidRex so congratulations!. Kidrex is not much different from the normal Google homepage or search options except that it is all in crayons!.

To look up something all you need to do is type it in the search box and let Google do the rest of the work. I personally tried searching random keywords and most of the results were either (educational) games, science related or general information about the topic. Searching on Google will provide related (or unrelated) results to your search, but on KidRex, all the results are kid-related. I also tried using words that would normally generate inappropriate search results and all I got was a white page with a huge "Opps! try again" written on it, in crayon of course. I have to admit, using the engine is enjoyable, even for me as an adult!.

Need more information?

KidRex provides additional help and more information for parents, just click on "Parents" on the homepage. Don't worry your kid doesn't have to leave the room for this. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to another page where you can read tips on online safety, find more information on the search engine, switch to KidRex pro, help spread the word. You can also set Kidrex as the homepage on your computer or on your kid's computer for easy access.

Or you can click on "kids" to view beautiful art by creative kids from all over the world!. Join Kids everywhere as they share their hand drawn pictures on KidRex to show their love and support in the most creative way possible. All the artwork is amazing and so adorable! and I love how it includes the names and ages of the artists to add a personal feel to the experience. I have personally spent some time browsing through the drawings and I hope to see more soon.

Something slipped through the cracks? you can help!

The developers always do their best to ensure complete safety for our children but nothing is 100% fail proof. even though it is unlikely to happen, sometimes an inappropriate page or website will slip through the filters, but don't despair! you can put an end to it. If you come across something that you think should not be viewed by a child, simply go back to the home page then click on "Parents". On the right, you will see "Webpage removal request tool" then simply click on it and add the required information by filling in the fields. You will be asked to provide the URL and the search terms that lead you to that website. You can add your email to allow them to contact you on the matter if needed and you can also add your name and add your comments on the matter. Providing your email, name, and comments is optional in case you want to report an inappropriate page but do not wish to disclose personal information. After you are done, simply click on "Request Webpage Removal" and your request will be sent and processed.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of my observations on the search engine.


  1. VERY safe (but of course nothing is fail proof)
  2. Design is very nice and engaging for kids
  3. Allows kids to send their art
  4. Organized


  1. Not available in Other languages
  2. Could use a bit more drawing and colors
  3. Does not have search options or customized searching

These were my own observations, share yours and let's have a discussion!.

Don't like it?

Here are some alternatives for the approximately the same age group.

  • Kiddler
  • Quintura
  • Ask kids
  • Kids Click

Know any more? share with us! we can work together on protecting our kids from dangerous people online.

Final verdict.

The internet may be dangerous sometimes but it can also be a beautiful place where our kids can learn new information, meet friends and expand their minds. is a useful tool help us protect our kids from the dangerous parts of the internet while letting them fully enjoy the safe and fun parts of it. It is very simple and easy to use and does not need much setting up or tweaking. Since most of the search results tend to be on the educational side, even if they are games, KidRex can be used by teachers in their classrooms, and your kids can use it to play fun games while learning something new and it can be an effective study help for them. Despite its few shortcomings in some areas, KidRex is very useful for the whole family and for teachers. But don't take my word for it, go check it out!

Vote and share your opinions in the comments! Let's help each other keep our kids safe.

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