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The use of Facebook for communication

Updated on October 31, 2012

Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to create a personal profile, send messages, market products, get to know other people and so on. One can not finish mentioning all its uses.

Facebook can also be seen as an instant virtual instant communication world through which you can keep in touch with family and friends. There are many communication tools available in facebook. There is the chat application which is a quick and easy way to use to stay in touch with friends and family across different time zones. There is also the video chat available through which you can do audio and video interaction at the same time. Facebook video chat can be conducted through the use of laptops, tablet and smartphones.

Another important communication tool is the Share This tool which can be used to share information with friends and family on your network. Let's say you see an article or information you think will be beneficial to people, you could always share the page with them. There are also different game applications available which you can make use of whenever you are bored or you feel like you want to relax. The creation of pages for business is also available. This tool can be used in marketing your product and making people aware of the use, the cost and how many people also make use of it.

The Like tool is also used to communicate the things you have interest in. You see a picture, you love it, the next thing you do is like the pictures so if other people in your network see it, they might also do the same thing. Then the friends of your friends will also see it and like it also which keeps improving and broadening communication. The Status box tool is used for posting what you are doing. You can also let people know what you are thinking about at that moment. It helps your friends and family to sometimes determine how you feel, in what state of mind you are and so on.

The fact is the use of Facebook has a communication tool is very much wide. We can not mention everything here. It just depends on what and how, and the extent you want to utilize it up to. We can also say that due to the integration of different kind of tools in this system can also improve communication.


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