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The Power of Drainwave

Updated on July 3, 2017

Nowadays there are several ways of cheap self-cleaning to keep the drain clear, without the need for energy, or chemicals.

One of the clear examples is the drainwave, which simply uses existing wastewater in sinks, showers, washing machines, and creates a wave through pipes for cleaning and transporting debris grains in order to keep the drains clear and Free from unwanted materials.

Drainwave's function is to collect black and gray water through one or both of the entrance doors. Drainwave temporarily conserves this water and when a certain amount is collected a pulse wave is drawn through the drainage tubes, eliminating any accumulation and preventing blockages. It should also be used after the exit of a sewage treatment tank, as it has been proven that the locks are common, two or three meters from the tank.

Over time, when water becomes scarce and environmental factors lead to a greater need for low flow water saving devices, the pipes that have removed the waste water will get a drier.

It's all easy to install and simple to use!

All you have to know is that the wastewater flows into a chamber inside the product and is stored until it fills too much until a large amount of water flows through the entire waste pipe. This does not happen in a normal house because all the flow would be just along the base of the whole, and some rubbish would eventually get stuck in the curves and junctures.

Drainwave, in the end, turns out to be the perfect solution for the treatment of water outside the network and also for the elimination of the soil. To help further, Drainwave also solves the problem of low outputs. So you know, if you are interested this is a product that we strongly recommend!


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