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The Disadvantages of our Advancement in Technology.

Updated on May 22, 2009

Demerits of Advancement in Technology.

Millions of people all over the world keep on crying and groaning at the devastating stateand the distestable things of the world economy, so that some times we sometime feels we were never born into our respective countries. Some will say "I wish I was never born into this part of the world" this saying are commonly associated with people who leave in poor countries.
The future of mankind has been in a dark shadow ever since the creation of mankind into this imperfect planet. Some beleive with the advancement in technology mankind will be able to change it present condition and leave a more peaceful life on earth, but the reverse has been the case where humans have lead themself into injury. The advancement in technology has it merit and demerit, the merit is enormous just has the demerit are also.
Back in the days of our great grand fathers where they were no much popularity in the pursuit of cures for the deadly deases we have around us today, you have to think of more postive things than thinking about how to be a victim of one deadly disease, you could say yeah but we would have had such diesease those days, yeah i agree with you, but the truth remains that those diseases might have been out of existence if we were not much invovle in lawlessness just as we are doing today. I will give you an illustration , imagine a man who finds a small hole where Bees reside and he is very curious to see the Queen of the Bees on is high journey of curiousness he was injured by the Armies of the Bees, now tell me if he had not been that curious to see the queen will he have been wounded? No is the answer, so that is also the same with human effort to eradicate the deadly diseases around us, the diseases where on thier own in their our residential quaters, then we humans said yeah we are all moving to Advancement and we started producing differnt kinds of War missels and harmaments therefore polluting our environment and calling the Diseases out of their residesntal quaters to come and harm us.
With the current report in the number of Diseases coming out on daily basis, humans are not sure of life in a peaceful environment till the end of this world, today you will hear of Aids, tommorow you will hear of Flu, infact life on a global view has become some worthless then it was 40 years ago.
Lets look into the environmental Hazard our so call advancement in technology has caused us, we have losted lifes, properties and even our homes all because of our Advancement in Technlogy, mothers have lost their children, Children have lost their parents all because of Technlogy.
Some will say what the hell is this guy talking about, that has made him talked about only the Demerits of advancement our global Advacements. Yeah, i what to ask you, have you ever meditated on the pain of lossing a love one in dead? it pains more than much, that you could even think of dieing along side with the dead person. As for the Merits of Advancement in Technology we all know it, the truth about this Modernization or Advancement in Technolgy has some may call it is that, it creates problems and also brings out solutions for it, just as a software engineer will produce a virus and also provide an antivirus.
The so call Technology gave birth to Malaria and also produced anti Malaria Drugs, they so many things the so call Technology produced many deadly diseases with their solutions so it just funny. Think about it deeply and you will understand what am saying.
The only hope for makind problem lies in the hands of the creator of mankind, for those who don't beleive they is a creator of the universe, ask yourself : "The house am living now, did it just occur by evolution?" You or some one must have built it, so the only hope for mankind is ind's kingdom to end Wickeness (Revelation 21: 3,4)

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    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      this is the most illiterate piece of garbage i have ever laid my eyes on. please invest in an english book or proper education.

    • profile image

      reader 5 years ago

      so many grammatical mistakes!

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Dont find much evidence based on the statements made

    • profile image

      omnom 5 years ago

      Not the best article I've read...

    • profile image

      freakm3 5 years ago

      "..since the creation of mankind into this imperfect planet." The planet is perfect, it is we who are imperfect and we screwed the planet up.

      "If all insects were extinct, within 50 years, all life on earth would die out. If Man became extinct, within 50 years, all life on earth would Flourish"

    • profile image

      dwin 6 years ago

      nice bt sme misunder stanting

    • profile image

      Trying very hard to read this. 7 years ago

      Please use a spell check.