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The Evolution Revolution is about to begin

Updated on February 4, 2008

Oh No, Oh yes

Is this yet another social network and games platform? Yes folks it is.

However saying that please read all for a surprise in fact an evolution is in the making.

Is this really something different?

You bet it is!!

The games are skill games and really they are so frustrating and yet are like a sumptuous box of chocolates once you start you cant stop that is my feeling.

A comment was made by Nancy Failla of the Don and Nancy Failla famous 45-second presentation “this is in my mind a health tonic”.

Nancy is so right that’s what it really is a break away from the everyday stress.

I am sure many of you take a break for 10 minutes at times to play a quick game of solitaire now that is exactly what this new social network and skill games platform is all about.

A quick break to have a game of Darts, Arcade Ducks, and Pool etc. and then back to the grindstone and now you feel great and relaxed. You can even have a wager if you feel so inclined.

I myself am an ardent backgammon fan and no other games have ever interested me other than at times spider solitaire.

Well that was until I was privileged to be invited to beta test the new skill games. Now I am completely hooked.

This site is grabbing the attention of young and old alike it really is amazing.

You are given an option in joining to either be a player or an associate affiliate although if at first you chose to be a player you have the option at any time to upgrade to affiliate status.

For those that want to make a living out of this new site there is a pay package that never before have I seen offered on the net. It is very generous actually let me rephrase that it is phenomenal.

The final cherry on the top is the Instant messenger. Within the next six weeks the Instant messenger will be released. Folks I would love to tell you about it but unfortunately have been sworn to secrecy. All the bells and whistles that you have ever wished for and more are there. All I can say about the IM is Wow, Wow and Wow.

At this moment $ 164.00 are spent per second on social games it is predicted that within the next few years the figure will rise to $ 640.00 per second.

Folks that is telling you something isn’t it?

Last but not least in the last week appearing in my email box have been many emails from the different social networking sites all making offers that they have not done before etc.etc. !!!

This to me tells me that those other sites are worried surely it should also be an indication to you as well that not waves but Tidal waves are about to occur.

Would you like to challenge me to a game of Darts?

You do?

Great although please don’t expect me to take a wager. I love these skill games but no matter how hard I try I lose so I play them on the free button.


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    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

      Good Luck! I am with you... IF I played, I would only ever hit FREE!